'Path of Exile' Patch 3.13: Content Details, Features, Including New Maps and Challenges Revealed

Path of Exile Patch 3.13
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"Path of Exile's" early year offering has just arrived with the Patch 3.13 making its way to the game itself, and some of the newest and up to date in-game contents have just arrived for the players to try and explore.

Listed and reported by known video game news and updates website IGN Southeast Asia, some of the game's new offerings include new game maps, items, challenges, and many other contents which involves various aspects of the game.

Eleven New Maps

The patch notes list eleven new maps coming into the game and could be considered as one of the highly anticipated contents which belongs to the new update. "Path of Exiles" being one of the most popular and critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing games or MMORPGs in the world utilizes in-game maps wherein players may do tasks, challenges, and quests. And players may tag along with their friends to explore the likes of those.

Ritual Challenge League

"Path of Exile" updates are known to introduce a new Challenge League on each and every one of it. Challenge Leagues are described to cater players who are racing to go and reach for the level 100, as well as grinding to obtain their best gear before other players could do so. The new update reveals the Ritual Challenge League, where players are then tasked to go on against monsters on Ritual sites which could then lead to activate the Altar and perform the Ritual.

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Each altar that would be passed by players becomes more difficult as they can go along and proceed with the next altars, yet increased rewards would correspond in this situation. Players would then obtain Tribute points, and they may spend those to obtain items which they would like. Some of the other rewards also include a whole new set of Ritual Base Types and could be used to craft various items which can change the modifiers of some items as well.

Arrival of New Gems

The game also is known for its use of gems and the new game update also hits this aspect. There are two brand new gems debuting in the update - Hydrosphere, which is a new skill gem, and Trinity, which is a new support gem. Hydrosphere can be obtained from level 34 which could be backed with a spell, duration, cold, lighting, orb, area of effect, and physical support gems.

The Trinity support gem on the other hand has its ways to support various builds especially those which could be classified on a wide variety of elemental damage. This may be possible through building resonance along with other elements. Players that may have a high resonance with all the three elements could make Trinity to provide access for its users to perform elemental penetration which could result for a more effective and efficient damage.

Other game contents that are also debuting in the Patch 3.13 update includes the new Maven's Challenge and Orb, the Atlas Passive Skill Points (MMORPG.com), and some Craftable Watchstones.

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