'Genshin Impact' Brightrock Canyon: How to Unlock Special Treasure Guide

Genshin Impact Version 1.2 Update
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"Genshin Impact's" Lost Riches event is now ongoing and live in the game itself where players may hunt treasures in which they can use to redeem possible rewards, and it includes the Brightrock Canyon Special Treasure.

As the second round of the arrival of new game content from the newest update for "Genshin Impact" coined as the Version 1.2 Update has now began to surge, it has brought along new limited-time events. This includes the Lost Riches event which went live and rolled out the premises of the game just last January 8.

Lost Riches Treasures

Quests such as hunting down treasures would be available courtesy of the event itself. Entertainment and pop culture news website Screenrant reports that one of those treasures include the Brightrock Canyon Special Treasure in which there is a growing handful of players in the world who are trying to find and locate the new game offering.

Hunting down the treasures which could be used to potentially game additional rewards and prizes has been pushed through by the game developers themselves MiHoYo aside from the objective of gaining iron coins in the new limited-time event. And players are just eager to find and obtain the treasure in the soonest possible time as it could be exchanged for some special and rewarding prizes that are ins tore for those who could acquire it.

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As players would not miss a chance to have enough knowledge in order to locate and find the whereabouts of those treasures, locations of it are being listed now on various gaming and entertainment guide sites, including the official website of Republic World.

Brightrock Canyon Special Treasure Location

The only clue which players are aware of about the desired treasure is that it is being placed and located in the Brightrock Canyon Area. The first step that must be done by players is to teleport by using the teleportation portal of the target area wherein they must reach the location specified, and they must travel all the way to the western part. They must then look for a ruined church.

Upon reaching the location of the ruined church, players then may need to move towards the bottom, in which they must then find and look for a shiny dig spot. Yet players must take note that in order to acquire this treasure, a challenge must be accomplished and completed first unlike any other treasures which could be obtained directly just by upon reaching and locating it.

The challenge that players must first do is for them to defeat two Abyss Mages which are classified as one Cryo and one Hydro. Another catch inclined in the challenge also lists that players can only be frozen twice and exceeding it will put them on to a restart of the challenge. Although this may seem a little bit challenging for some, more difficult challenges may also mean more prizes and rewards.

The rewards upon finishing the challenge includes 60 Primogems, 6 Mystic Enchantment Ores, 10 Hero's Wit, and 30,000 mora as well.

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