'Genshin Impact' Diamond in the Rough Guide: How to Inspect and Guess the Correct Jade Stone

Genshin Impact Diamond in the Rough
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"Genshin Impact's" bonus mini game called the "Diamond in the Rough" commission would require players to choose and select one of the available crude stones in which may then have a potential valuable jade inside of those. Regarded as a luck based mini game, there still a few tricks in which could be used to be victorious upon trying and playing this one.

What's In Store on Diamond in the Rough

As reported by known gaming and entertainment news and guides website Gamerant, players could have a chance on hitting the jackpot available in this mini game through some tips and tricks. Beginning the daily commission would task and assign the players to travel to the Liyue Harbor where they must meet and talk to Shitou who is being placed and located on the northern part of the teleport waypoint.

Upon reaching Shitou and interacting with him, he would then tell and explain how the significant rise of the price of the raw materials happened - due to the decision by the Ministry of Civil Affairs to fully shut down the Chasm, which is a mining district that is being located in Liyue and at the same time beside the Linju Pass and Qingxu Pool.

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In order to adapt and take advantage of the closure that has emerged, Shitou had then decided that he would sell those uncut rocks, and those may just have some viable jades inside. Players then may place their bet on the rocks, and they would have three price choices and options ranging from the amounts of 200, 400, and up to 600 Mora. Rewards would be decided upon the option that the players would then select. The guide recommends that players must go for the 600 Mora option.

Players may then select their preferred option and bet on what could they decide as their choice. They would then be given a chance to have a 'closer look' where it may give the players some access to move around the rocks and letting them do some sort of inspection before they could guess and give their answer on which of those rocks may potentially contain the desired jade.

Three Methods of Guessing 

Inspecting parts on the rocks could be done on three different ways. The first one is the simple inspection of the color of each of the stones. It is being listed that the yellow of the Cor Lapis is labeled as something lighter compared to the other two stones and could highly signify that it could be a potential stone which has the coveted jade inside of it.

Another method in which players may use to determine which of the stones contain the jade is through their avatars - they would then walk going to the table at a distance and may then actually see which of those stones may spawn first. The one that would first spawn could be regarded as the stone which may contain the jade inside. And the third method suggests that the players could do some repositioning of their camera in which may clip it to one of the stones. A visible spiral pattern in the stone upon completion may suggest that it is the one that may contain it. 

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