'Pokemon GO Great League:' Best Pokemon to Use This January

Pokemon GO Great League
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The Pokemon GO Battle League Season 6 has now commenced as one of the first continuing events from the last year up to the continuation of the launch for the game this year. And as the midpoint of the event is making its way to the game, some have now listed the best Pokemon for the opening of the returning Pokemon GO Great League.

GO Great League Battles

All the battles in the GO Great League will be consisted of two trainers and each player would have to use three of his or her Pokemon. They would also assign a lead Pokemon in which it would be the most vital and important part of one's team. Changing a lead Pokemon could take up as much time as it would require a longer cool down period.

A player which may see a disadvantage could either do a quick awap amongst his or her other Pokemon where the opponent may also do as well, or just to receive a ton of damage during the battle. This has put 'tankier' and more stable Pokemon to be the lead ones, as their high stability and defense may resist the likes of the damage attacks done by the Pokemon of one's opponent.

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Choosing at least one and up to two Pokemon for a trainer's team could then make them to scroll on to the chart to search and analyze Pokemon types that may fill any gap or loophole on the currently building team of their Pokemon, or they may also go on and choose Pokemon in which they would be confident that it could be capable of joining and participating in battles as well.

Best Pokemon to Use in GO Great League this January

Every year, players all around the world get to start over, with the cycle going through a restart as a new league will then approach. Entertainment and geek news website Attack of the Fanboy or AOTF has come up with a list of some of the best Pokemon to play and use this January, marking the first month of the Great League.

Some of the most notable Pokemon from the list include the Grass and Poison type Venusaur - which is the highest evolution Pokemon of one of the very first starter Pokemon to ever appear in the game, Bulbasaur. Its fast attack Vine Whip could bring potential amount of damage on a fast-paced kind of striking. Its charged attack which is the Frenzy Plant could deal a massive amount of damage, wherein its base attack is listed at 200. Although one downside could be its multiple weaknesses to various Pokemon types such as Fire, Flying, Ice, and Psychic.

Another Pokemon which is being noted as a strong contender during this month's GO Grand League meta list is the legendary Pokemon Registeel. Its charged attacks Focus Blast and Flash Cannon could be a potential massive attack to almost all types of Pokemon. Registeel's abilities could realy go strong against Poison, Steel, Rock, Psychic, Normal, Ice, Grass, Flying, Fairy, Dragon, Bug, and only lists Fighting, Fire, and Ground as its weaknesses. 

For the whole list, click here

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