Elon Musk's Space X Plan to Mars Generates Comparisons to Video Games 'The Outer Worlds' and 'Red Faction'

Elon Musk
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Elon Musk's plan to send one million people to another planet namely the red planet Mars has been seen some comparison from the worlds known role-playing game (RPG) "The Outer Worlds" and series of shooter video games "Red Faction."

The comparison began when a Reddit thread has shown an article form known business news website Business Insider in which it featured Elon Musk - the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tesla, Inc., and Space X, and is now also regarded as the world's richest man after beating Jeff Bezos, who is the Founder and CEO of world-renowned online selling and shopping platform Amazon.

How Musk's Space Plan Is being Compared?

Some of the parts of the article was screenshot and posted on to the subreddit of "The Outer Worlds," in which some of the people and users in the Reddit community have highlighted and questioned at the same time. The screenshot part of the article listed that Musk has described and mentioned things about his payment plan to the people who would want to join his space trip and initiative, but at the same time does not have the resources and capacity to do so, especially with the funding.

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As per also his answer to the question thrown on to him in the article, the CEO himself stated that there will be loans and jobs for the people to pay off their debts, and this has been the thing wherein the gamers have compared this example of scenario as to the likes of the 'dire worlds' which could be seen heavily in both "The Outer Worlds" and "Red Faction."

'The Outer Worlds' and 'Red Faction' Resemblance

As per gaming website Game Revolution, "The Outer Worlds" was released in 2019 and was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, as well as being published by Private Division. The RPG element that was incorporated heavily on the game itself has seen positive reviews, yet some part of the story and narrative which includes the game's focus on corporate greed and capitalism has been deeply criticized by some. Corporations from the game's world became a dominant force wherein it showed the citizens on the game to work for the purpose of paying off their debts.

The "Red Faction" game series son the other hand has seen an earlier establishment on to the world of video games way back as early as 2001 when it was released through the Microsoft Windows OS for PC gaming. One of its games, which was the "Red Faction: Guerilla" was the one that has been compared to Musk's plan, wherein the game was set on to the planet of Mars. Citizens from the red planet were then forced to work where they were serving the state. It was for them to grasp the different corporations from Earth in the game's universe and was seen on to the Earth's Defense Force - and they are dubbed as the main antagonists in the game.

Comparisons such as those mentioned above are only a few of the various criticisms and backlashes as well that Musk has been receiving since he announced his grand Space X project and opened it to the public. Yet with his wealth being a factor on his desire to push through his plan, it may be possible that some other day in the future a man's footstep could formally land to the surface of the red planet. 

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