Razer Hello Kitty Inspired PC Equipment Set Features, Release Date, and MORE!

Razer Hello Kitty Set
Photo : Screenshot from ninibeartv's Official YouTube Channel

Razer has teamed up with one of the most popular, established, and decorated characters of all time to bring their new Hello Kitty-themed PC equipment which will be available in the market very soon.

World renowned gaming, entertainment and tech news and updates website GameSpot has reported that the company which has gathered fame through its technological advancement and offerings especially for the PC hardware industry will be soon releasing its own collection of PC equipment and merchandise which features Hello Kitty. It will be first released in China, then would be followed by a global release after its initial run.

The Hello Kitty Set by Razer

The spotted set in China contained various PC items and equipment which were really seen as Hello Kitt inspired. It includes a keyboard, a wired mouse, mouse pad which also showed some San Rio characters, and even a Razer Chroma headset. All of those were really heavily themed with the world-famous Japanese character's aesthetic and visuals, where the motif of pink and white, as well as light blue could be seen.

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With the photo of the spotted items and equipment in China circulating online, some speculated that it could also be the exact set which will be offered and available for sale on the other parts of the world. Yet some also assume it could see some changes especially for those coming into the West, which includes the actual design of the PC equipment itself. But then with the photo alone it already drew the excitement from the fans as Hello Kitty is being primed as one of the most famous characters in the world and is greatly appreciated not just by the younger fans but also those who were in the much earlier generations.

Hello Kitty's Reign as One of the World's Top Media Franchises

Created in 1974 and was first released to the public by 1975, Hello Kitty has marked itself as one of the top characters, brands and media franchises to ever exist in the planet. According to a list created by TitleMax, the franchise is being hailed as the number two media franchise with over 80,06 billion USD in total gross revenue through the years.

It is just behind the number one spot which was sealed by fellow Japanese media franchise Pokemon with 92.121 billion USD in total revenue but has managed to beat the likes of Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, Mario, and Star Wars. Hello Kitty being that big and famous is already a plus for Razer.

Established game and entertainment website The Gamer suggests that the character itself is so popular that not just Hello Kitty, but the characters in the franchise could be so appealing that it can be "crossed over into any product." The article also mentioned some of the other collaborations Hello Kitty has entered and agreed upon in the past, including their partnership with renowned Nintendo Switch superstar game series "Animal Crossing" with their "Pocket Camp" game wherein a bunch of unique Hello Kitty-themed costumes became available. 

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