CES 2021: MACA Introduced New Carcopter as a Hydrogen-Powered F1 Flying Car

MACA Carcopter F1
Photo : Screenshot from MACA Far Beyond the Competition's Official YouTube Channel

The new Carcopter has seen its introduction to the world in CES 2021 which is still currently on the roll and ongoing. It was developed by MACA, a French startup who could make history as the first manufacturer of a Formula one (F1) flying car.

The new F1 car which could literally fly is characterized with its hydrogen-powered built-in system. It can reach as far as 153 miles per hour based upon theories circulating over the debut of the car itself, and yes, it can be manned by a pilot.

Its design could be dubbed as both minimalist and eco-friendly. Yet its black and yellow motif could somehow be striking and fierce at the same time. It was designed by Thierry de Boisvilliers who was a fighter pilot back then, and Michael Krollak who is a former executive for world-renowned European aerospace company Airbus.

Carcopter's Features

News website Yahoo has reported that the team of the designers has decided that they would then develop and create the flying car which is powered by hydrogen in order to reduce the harmful carbon emission that are rampant on the traditional and established combustion engines that are being equipped in the Formula 1 machine.

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The one that was being presented in CES 2021 was the scale model of the Carcopter itself which is being sized at over 8 feet while being capped off with six 35Kw electric engines. However, it is said that the Carcopter which will be the final model and the one that will eventually see formal release will be about 16 feet on its total span and size, while it is being listed that its weight would be at over half a ton. It will also be featuring a semi-automatic piloting intended for additional safety, although a pilot could then oversee the overall driving and maneuvering of the flying car.

Yet just like the scale model, the hydrogen fuel cells as well as its tanks will be retained in which the designers have claimed that those would have the capability to exceed and go beyond the limits that are set by the Carcopter's batteries.

The Carcopter at CES 2021

The design of the upcoming MACA flying car could be seen in their official website, as well as a YouTube video that was posted in line with its official launching, and of course the reveal at CES as well in which it could potentially draw fans, enthusiasts, and possible sponsors, too.

The recently revealed model by the France based company was formally introduced and launched in this year's Consumer Electronics Show. CES has been an annual event for already 54 years now. The very first installment of the show took place in 1967 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Now due to the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19, the show had one of its firsts, after going full online through utilizing the video conferencing app Microsoft Teams. The event will end tomorrow after its opening just last January 11.

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