'Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game' Shops Guide, Inlcuding Stats to Consider

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
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"Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game" has been one of the most clever and interesting games based on the "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" series of graphic novels by Oni Press, as well as the movie adaptation of the same title as well. It presents the storyline that has become well known already for fans in the world, and it includes some parts wherein shops and items are being involved.

The items from the stores could be obtained buy buying those and could eventually be used to boost a player's character in order to defeat some of the antagonists and villains in the game, including Ramona's league of her seven evil exes.

Item Boosts from Shops

As reported by entertainment website VG 24/7, the items that could be bought and used can potentially give boost and increase some aspects of character including their strength, speed, defense, and will power. Also, another thing that could be very important as a player would progress in the game is to level up their guts points, health, and the capacity to attack as well. A major number of players are being unsuccessful early in the game as they would not be invested in getting those items that they need.

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In the game, there are two main types of items which the players can obtain from the shops. These are the stat-boosting items which could provide some increase to a character's stats, and the "to-go" snack items which can be more expensive compared to the stat-boosting one but can provide a lot more boost and could raise up stats on a higher note.

Also, another thing which players should keep in mind are the classifications of the stats of the characters for the players to supervise and control as well.

Game Stats To Be Considered

Strength refers to the amount of damage which a player can inflict or deal to the opponent. Speed is the stat which deals with the speed movement, attacks, and their capacity to recover from a knock down quickly. Will power is the character's ability to provide boost on their own attacks and defense. And defense of course is how a character could eventually survive attacks form enemies, as well as increasing their HP, and to raise the amount of hits a player can take just right before they could bet stunned.

These are the aspects in which the items from various shops could then help boost or provide further increments to defeat all the enemies in the way. Another factor which could be seen heavily in the game is the variety of shops available, wherein a different level has a different shop as the players continue to go on with their progress in the game. Stacking boosts through buying multiple copies of items could also be done to further make a certain stat to go higher especially if they would face enemies on a much higher level as well.

For the list of items and their effects and prices by VG 24/7, click here.  

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