'New Pokemon Snap': Gameplay, Release Date, and Other Details Revealed in Debut Trailer

New Pokemon Snap
Photo : Screenshot from IGN's Official YouTube Channel

"New Pokemon Snap" has now been announced by its creators Nintendo making its way to the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles on April 30, 2021.

'New Pokemon Snap' Gameplay

The upcoming Pokemon game will be the latest addition to the already long line of established Pokemon games and mini games as well. Yet this time, it could be a little bit different than the usual trainer type and based game travelling the world to fight with other trainers and to catch various Pokemon. The player will assume the role of a Pokemon photographer in which he or she will work with Professor Mirror - the professor who is an expert in the Lental region, where the game would take place, along with Rita who is her assistant.

Their team would take on a task to conduct an ecological survey wherein they would then photograph the Pokemon which can be seen in the nature. As reported by games and entertainment news and updates website IGN Southeast Asia, the player would also go on to travel through using an auto-driving vehicle which will be called the NEO-ONE, and it could pave the way for a more in-depth, detailed focus to secure some of the most beautiful shots of those Pokemon.

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Nintendo Wire - which is a website dedicated for Nintendo news and updates has listed that the upcoming game would be featuring over 200 different Pokemon in total. The players may then be able to do interaction with the Pokemon by getting their attention upon throwing some Fluffruit for them to eat, and the players may watch and capture those kinds of moments. The fruit can also be utilized to put those Pokemon on various situations and scenarios which the photographer player may also capture through their cameras.

The challenge for the players is to capture as much photos as they can, which would then be rated by Professor Mirror himself. He will evaluate and give a rating or score on the player's photos in various criteria - the poses of the 'subjects' (Pokemon), their size as they would appear on the camera, how they would face the camera, and on where they would fall in the frame.

Other 'Snap' Details

The main objective to capture photos and fulfill such research purposes could also be a way to fill up the Pokedex of the player. Multiple photos of a certain Pokemon can also let them behave in many and new ways as the pkayer would progress more on the game. Some Pokemon and vegetation can also be regarded as something that can have a special kind of glow, which is called as the Illumina Phenomenon. Although it will be depending on the players to discover what is in store for them regarding the mentioned phenomenon and what may have caused it in the first place.

"New Pokemon Snap" will be the second Pokemon photography-based game in history, and the first in many years since the N64 game which was released way back in 1999.

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