'Lord of the Rings' Amazon Series Sees Filming in New Zealand; Thousand Years Before Films' Setting Confirmed

Frodo from Lord of the Rings
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Amazon's "Lord of the Rings" (LOTR) tv series is now on the roll and is currently being filmed in the franchise's original shooting location of New Zealand. The upcoming series may feature some of the established characters from the world-renowned franchise, as well as the confirmation that it would be set thousands of years before the movies.

News and entertainment site Screenrant has reported that the multi-season TV series which will be backed by Amazon has now pushed through with the filming of the series, where they are now being located in New Zealand as it was also the original place where the past films of the "Lord of the Rings" franchise also took place in shooting.

The Series' 'A Thousand Years Before Films' Setting

Originally announced more than three years ago, the series has then drawn a lot of speculations and rumors form the fans and the community dedicated to the series as it has already established its mark on to the media franchise history as one of the most decorated and celebrated fiction franchises to ever exist on the planet.

In 2019 the rumors about the series have sparked on whether when on the timeline of the LOTR would the series take place, and it was then confirmed that the events of the upcoming tv series will be set even before the events of the past films, particularly "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," and way back more than three thousand years to be exact. The series has been reported to exist in the Third Age.

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But aside from the timeline and the setting of the series, the LOTR community has also then came up with various speculations and theories on whether which of the original characters from the LOTR films, as well as the associated "The Hobbit" films would star and headline the series and could make such appearances on the tv series which is being dubbed along with a total of 500 million USD in budget.

Boromir and Other LOTR Characters' Return?

One of the characters that is being speculated (although again, it is a thousand years earlier from the movies) is the infamous Boromir, which is being labeled today by some fans as someone who could be on the hot seat courtesy of a theory which has speculated online and got fans on their LOTR mode fan theories mode.

In the official LOTR Reddit page, a user named u/The_Actual_Pope has opened up the possibility that the corruption that occurred on Boromir could have been caused by the blood of Sauron as reported by entertainment site Inverse. The user also came up with the idea of Sauron's blood may have filled the blade's part which could possibly cut both the fingers of Boromir and Sauron. Another implication could be a scene in the film wherein it showed that Boromir is in his usual and normal state before wielding the sword, yet upon picking it up he started to become 'distasteful and unnerved.'

As the theory keeping Boromir almost on the talks, this may put him also on the characters which fans look forward to seeing in the upcoming series. He could keep his own established image or could somehow 'redeem' at some point. We all do not know yet, yet what we do is the fact that the series will soon arrive in no time and will surely bring nostalgia to some of the fans from the films and also even from the books. 

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