'Fortnite' Houses in Slurpy Swamp in One Match Location Guide: How to Complete Mission in Week 7 Challenge

Fortnite Slurpy Swamp Challenge
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"Fortnite" has now launched their week 7 challenges of their Season 5 installment and includes players must visit three houses located in the Slurpy Swamp - or the swamp found in the southwestern corner of the map where a Slurp Juice factory is being placed, and it must be done in just one match.

Entertainment website Screenrant suggests that it may seem that the task could be easily done and accomplished by players, yet it could also be dubbed as a tricky one, because not all the structures and areas in the Slurpy Swamp was made and designed as a house by the game developers Epic Games. This may cause players to experience a bit of confusion on where they could possibly find and locate the real designated houses.

'Fortnite' Houses in Slurpy Swamp: How to Locate and Where to Find ?

The challenge itself requires the players to do a more in-depth searching for those houses and analyze whether those structures which they would eventually inspect, and check would then fall down to the houses that are being needed to accomplish the task. Known entertainment authority and website Forbes has listed ways on where to find those and eventually take over the assigned challenge.

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The houses are being set and located to the western part of the Slurpy Swamp, toward the sea. Upon reaching it, there would then be a total of four little swamp shacks or houses which are placed beside each other. Entering there of those houses would then quickly provide the players their desired accomplishment to fulfill and finish the task. Additionally, even it is not a requirement for the task, players may choose to land freely and directly on to the Slurpy Swamp even at the beginning of their matches.

Finding and entering the third house would then grant the players to an instant sum of rewards and prizes, which lists 20,000 XP as the primary earnings. Yet it may be the only thing that fans and players may get upon completing the challenge, it still could be done by many as it would really not require difficult and hard tasks, and just entering the houses would already do. Some even label this one as a bonus challenge as an instant reward waits for them.

Other 'Fortnite' Week 7 Challenges

Finishing this challenge as part of the season 5 week 7 challenges would then push players forward on to accomplishing the other tasks listed in this week's edition. The other challenges this week are also being inclined and set more to the Slurpy Swamp area of the map.

 It includes collecting books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands, consuming shield potions, destroying slurp barrels, gaining max shields during a single match, searching and locating chests hidden in the Slurpy Swamp, and getting eliminations with zero shield.

Another thing available for this week's challenge offerings is the secret skin challenge for the coveted Predator skin. Certain challenges are needed to be accomplished, as well as speaking and having a conversation with three of the non-playable characters or NPCs located in the map.

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