'Stardew Valley' Update 1.5: Five Best Crafting Recipes Players Could Use and Make

Stardrew Valley
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"Stardew Valley" has now launched their update 1.5 and its full changelog is now live for the 2016 breakout hit by mysterious yet clever and interesting video game developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone. The update includes some new content for the game itself, such as a bunch of new crafting recipes.

Those crafting recipes are being utilized by players of the game all over the world to help farms in the game to be more effective and efficient at the same time. It is being characterized by a variety of activities, including helping the players by crafting bombs which hey could then use for obtaining stones on an easier note.

Although crafting such recipes would require players to look for and pile up the different items and ingredients needed to make those, yet most of the recipes really does not rely too much on many items and ingredients in order to be manifested.

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The newest game update has introduced new crafting recipes in which players may really enjoy using but at the same time to benefit from those, especially those which could be dubbed as some of the most powerful in the game. Established video game news and guides website The Gamer has listed some of those new recipes, and here are five of them:

5. Farm Computer

This recipe requires a dwarven gadget that could be located upon the use of geodes, one battery pack, and ten refined quartzes. When all the ingredients and items are complete, it could then be done and obtained through the process of Biome Balance or Aquatic Overpopulation. Using the recipe can benefit players to know the exact amount of their grown crops, as well as the fodder included, and when will the farm cave be ready for harvest.

4. Monster Musk

This is a new item introduced in this game update. It could be used and maximized to the fullest in monster hunting, as something that could be utilized to attract monsters on to the player. Also, this would only require two types of ingredients, such as the slimes and bat wings with an amount of 30 apiece in order to be crafted which may be obtained in the Prismatic Jelly quest.

3. Hyper-Speed Gro

The Hyper-speed gro is a recipe useful for growing a player's farm in a more efficient and faster manner. Its ingredients list one solar essence, one radioactive ore, and three bone fragments. Although it could be expensive to craft, the benefit which players may get upon using it could be boundless and efficient.

2. Geode Crusher

This recipe can break open a single geode per hour. Yes, it can really do it, and this could also be obtained easily through finishing the Cave Patrol quest in which players must kill such kinds of weak monsters. Eventually, one diamond, two gold bars, and 30 stones are needed for this, yet it could be collected easily as well.

1. Hopper

What could be regarded as one of the most useful and efficient items in the game, the hopper can let players to move items which are placed on the machines in front of those. Also, this could be used to obtain artisan goods and process geodes as well. It would require one radioactive bar, one iridium bar, and ten pieces of hardwood to be crafted, or can be purchased directly from Qi's shop priced at 50 Qi gems.

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