'Grand Theft Auto Online' Update: Double Money Bonus, New Vehicle Introduced

Grand Theft Auto Online
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"Grand Theft Auto Online" gets a new update from its game developers Rockstar Games in which it will add a new option and offer to possibly double the rewards available from survival events, and a whole new vehicle which could be used by players all around the world.

Double Rewards from Survival Events

Players may assume that their RP and GTA dollar rewards on all the survival events available in the game itself could be doubled. This new update is in line with the recently released Cayo Perico Heist update, which is dubbed as, if not the biggest, but one of the biggest and major updates that has ever landed in the game.

Additionally, as reported by known entertainment website Screenrant, players may also collect all of the treasure chests available and set within the new game region of Cayo Perico in just a single day which has started this week may provide a chance for players to receive a bonus of 100,000 GTA dollars the week after, assuming that a player has done and completed the challenge presented. The new update also brought along some few discounts for items in the game, as well as a new freebie - a free Shark Livery intended for the Pegassi Toreador.

New Game Vehicle - The Maibatsu Manchez Scout

Also, another major highlight that was included in the latest update is a brand-new vehicle regarded as The Maibatsu Manchez Scout. It is now already available for players to buy at the Warstock. There are also vehicle discounts for some of the game's vehicles for sale, including a 40 percent discount each for the Sea Sparrow, Pegassi Reaper, and the Buzzard Attack Chopper, a 30 percent off for the Invetero Coquette D10, and a 20 percent discount each for the Sparrow Helicopter, as well as the Kraken Aurora Submarine.

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The new update comes after the major update courtesy of the Cayo Perico Heist in which it has just went live last December 15. Although it has paved the way for some firsts and big game updates for the decorated GTA game, it is currently receiving backlash as one of its new offerings, the invite option for players to their friends experienced some sort of a bug. You can get the latest updates with insider.Games.

Cayo Perico Heist Bug

Players especially those who were playing the game in the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console were the primary complainants as their issues regarding the new game option offered by the new update has been seen online and circulated in the platform as well.

An error message in which it states that "Sending invites is disabled until both you and this player have completed the GTA Online tutorial" has been keeping popping out of the players' screens whenever they were making attempts to invite their friends to join them on their quests in the game, as mentioned by renowned entertainment and video game website The Wrap.

Although there is still no confirmation whether the bug has been removed or solved, updates for GTA Online are expected to come around the corner as the game keeps on rolling especially for the GTA community and fans worldwide. 

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