Bungie Declares Their 'Halo' Stats Library to Go Offline Permanently Starting Next Month

Halo Infinite Gameplay
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Bungie has declared that their known and established "Halo" series of games archive and library-like website will be gone offline for the coming month of February and has also made it official that it would not come back and go online once again, which means it will remain offline forever.

Known video games and entertainment news and updates website IGN Southeast Asia has reported that the announcement of Bungie's archive site going offline was included in the game developer and studio's weekly update that could be seen on their official blog post. The renowned halo.bungie.net website will see termination for an indefinite time and would not see a return anymore once again.

Bungie's Halo Stats Website Contents

The archive website contains various files and information, such as the stats of players of their classic and could somehow be referred to as the legendary "Halo" franchise and series of games, including their files and screenshots from various "Halo" games such as the "Halo 2", "Halo 3", "Halo 3: ODST", and "Halo: Reach." Those files from the mentioned games are being kept on the website for almost 9 long years, which will soon be shut down forever.

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The announcement drew several and mixed reactions from gamers all around the world, especially those who are part of the gaming community dedicated for the game itself. Players may still have up until February 9 though, in order for them to save and recover their stats and files if they would wish to do so.

Yet the company also clarified that the move to go offline would just be for the player data, and other aspects and forms of files such as news articles, posts, forums, and groups created upon the rise of the "Halo" craze would be transferred to the Bungie.net website which acts as the main website for the game studio themselves, which was already running ever since 2013, and will be kept online as always.

Brief History of Bungie

Bungie was the first one to develop and create the "Halo" franchise, yet after it was bought by Microsoft, the game series has been labeled more as a game that was given to rise by its then new mother company owner. Though they have stayed in Microsoft for a while, they moved away from the company and handed over the control of the game franchise to another game studio in the form of 343 Industries.

Games and entertainment news website PC Gamer reports that Bungie since then crafted their own identity to establish their selves as not just the "Halo" creators and such. They became an independent game studio, yet they still entered past deals and partnerships with other bigger and established game publishers.

In April of 2010, they agreed upon a ten-year deal with video game giant Activision Blizzard. They launched the 2013 game "Destiny", which was then launched for the Play Station 3, 4, and Xbox 360 and One consoles, respectively. Yet just last 2019, Bungie has terminated their partnership with the game publishers, and declare that they are planning to develop another game franchise which would not be a "Destiny" related game anymore. 

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