Epic Games Free 'Star Wars Battlefront II' Causes Server Errors and Bugs

Star Wars Battlefront II
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'Star Wars Battlefront II' has been given away by the Epic Games Store as a free game from January 15 up to January 21. Indeed, fans has grabbed this opportunity to add the game on to their cart which has caused the server of the game to crash and be filled with bugs and errors on some game aspects.

'Battlefront II' Error Codes

As reported by known video games news and entertainment website PC Gamer, players all around the world who are running the Epic Games launcher and playing the game itself have been experiencing a number of such errors and bugs coded as 623, 918, and 721. Those codes are all regarded to and inclined on to one problem, which is the lack of connection to the actual server of the game's developer, Electronic Arts (EA) Dice.

One of the messages that was seen and listed by the players who have experienced those errors include "A large amount of players are trying to connect right now. Please wait a few minutes and try again. Error code 623." On the other hand, the error code 918 causes players to see the "EA Account is restricted" message, in which could be a bigger problem for the players because it may not just affect their experience on the game itself, but also on the other EA games that they might have possibly playing as well.

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The Game Developer's Response

Although the game developers might have already fixed and responded to the situation as per a post in social media site Twitter, wherein the official Twitter account of EA dedicated for customer inquiries and complaints dubbed as EA Help has posted that they are already in control of the situation. They stated that "an incredible number" of players all around the world have participated and joined them in their free week for the game in the Epic Games launcher, and they are now taking care of their servers which could have caused the problems in the first place.

Yet this claim has been posted by the EA and EA Dice, some fans and players are still experiencing the errors. Some replies on the tweet itself show that some are still not feeling the moves by the game developers that signify that they have fixed the situation, even another tweet was posted by EA Help and mentioned that they are "happy to report" that they have resolved the issues and errors that surrounded the "Star Wars Battlefront II" game.

The fans and players' interest on securing their free copy of the game has just proven to be still on the rise. As mentioned by video game news and updates website Games Radar, the gaming community could have shown their "vested interest" towards the "Star Wars" game title, regardless of the fact that the game was released back in 2017, and the game developers have stated that their April 2020 update and new content for the game would have been their last one.

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