'Pokemon GO': Community Day Straight to the Top Machop Guide

Pokemon GO Community Day Machop
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'Pokemon GO's monthly Community Day has been one of the most awaited regular activities and attraction in the game, and the edition for this month of January, it will feature Machop all the way to its final evolution Machamp in the "Straight to the Top Machop" limited-time event.

Overall entertainment news website Forbes has listed that the research would go an and be live at around 11am local time. Yet in some other parts of the world, it has already commenced, and some players have already gotten to experience this month's Community Day research content featuring the Fighting-type Pokemon itself.

'Straight to the Top Machop' Guide and Steps

Known and established Pokemon insider Leek Duck who has been providing Pokémon related info and speculations for years now has posted in his official Twitter account some of the important steps and aspects in the "Straight to the Top Machop" event which players must take note in order to become successful within the event which will only go live and last for six hours in one weekend of every month.

The first step would require players to power up their Pokemon on a total of up to ten times, which in return would reward the players ten Pokeballs. Also, catching 15 Machop would also result on giving the players 20 Machop candies. And a good hand of making five Nice Thows would make players to encounter Machop. The first step would guarantee the players for their 1000 Stardust, another Machop encounter, and one incense.

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The second step lists the following tasks to do: catching 15 Machop for 20 Machop candies, transferring a total of ten Pokemon for a Machoke (Machop's first evolution) encounter, and evolving three of the player's Machop for 2000 XP. Players who would be successful in this step would reward them one incense, ten Pokeballs, and 15 Great Balls.

Step three of the Community Day research would make the players again for three sub-steps - making three great curveball throws for 20 Machop candies, evolving one of the player's Machoke for 5 Golden Razzberries, and transferring another ten Pokemon for 2500 XP. Finishing this step would then provide players a handful of rewards, including one incense, one Radar, and ten Pokeballs.

The fourth and final step could be the most rewarding - all of those would only require players to claim their rewards, such as 4000 stardust, 2500 XP, and 5 Silver Pinap Berries. Prizes at stake for completing the step lists 2000 Stardust, 3 Rare Candies, and the coveted encounter with Machamp.

Machop, Machoke and Machamp

Some players may already be familiar on handling Machop as it could be somehow be regarded as a common Pokemon in the past, yet this time as being featured in the Community Day event could give players a more different experience revolving around the Fighting-type Pokemon and both of its evolutions of course, especially Machamp.

Geek and entertainment site Bleeding Cool lists that Machamp's four arms form is already feisty as it looks, yet its moves in which are classified as pure Fighting-type could be useful as ever, especially on dealing with high-leveled stable and durable Pokemon. 

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