Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Receives New Update; SmarthThings Find and Group Walking Challenge Now Included

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 - one of the South Korea-based company's smartwatch products which was released in 2019 has then received further support and updates all throughout the course since it was available in the market, and now it will include in its features the likes of the SmartThings Find and Group Walking challenge support.

Tech news and updates website Notebook Check has reported that the newest update for their primed smartwatch will now be capable of the new 'firmware' update which would eb then able to support the company's virtual group-workout initiative to their wearable products and devices. Also, another major update that would bring their smartwatch on another level or note is the SmartThings Find feature in which may provide assistance to the device's owner to retrieve and recover a part or the actual missing unit.

The Group Walking Challenge

The software that was introduced to the smartwatch is known to be the R820XXU1DUA3 or the R820GFC1DUA3 update for the Watch Active 2 by Samsung. It will now be capable of bringing the Samsung's Group Walking Challenge - which may allow the smartwatch to send invites on to other devices that are compatible on to comparing such performances on the workout that is included on a remote setting.

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A handful and mini library of various fitness programs and workout routines will also be available as brought about by the new update, as well as home-based techniques that can be done even without the need of an actual workout gym.

Samsung SmartThings Find

The Samsung SmartThings Find ecosystem feature developed by the company itself are now also inclined upon using the smartwatch from now on. The established SmartThings Find service was first announced just last October 2020, in which it can grant access to the users and owners of those which are listed on the long line of Samsung products and devices for them to quickly find and locate their owned ones.

It had its first run in the home country of Samsung, in South Korea, and then was eventually opened for the rest of the world, including users from the United States and the United Kingdom. It could only be run, however, on devices which are supported by the Android 8 OS or its later versions. It also uses the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), as well as the ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies to help those people and users find select their Galaxy gadgets and devices such as the smartphones, tablets, earbuds, and of course, the smartwatches.

With the update being announced by Samsung, it may see some buzz around the corner for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 which now has some great deals and offers by retailers. Tech news website Tech Radar lists some of the best deals for the Active 2 Smartwatch, which could be grabbed by fans and users along with the Samsung's True Wireless Earbuds for just 250 USD. The discount could save up to an overall 150 USD.

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