'Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game': Knives Chau Unlocking Guide

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Knives Chau
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"Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game" will soon bring to its fans and audiences around the world (especially the gamers) its physical re-release under video game developers Limited Run Games for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. It features the five main characters in the game which were also the main ones from the graphic novel and the movie, namely Scott, Ramona, Wallace, Kim, and Stills. Yet a hidden one, named Knives Chau, could be unlocked along the way through a different manner.

Knives Chau is the third girlfriend of the game's main character Scott. She is a classified close-range fighter who capitalizes on various fast-hitting attacks, as well as quick diversion and running tactics. Although it may sound that she is indeed a powerful character, it would take time for players to use her well and master her capabilities and skillset in order to maximize her on to her full potential.

'Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game:'  How to Unlock Knives Chau

As reported by video game news and guides website Fanbyte, unlocking and playing Knives would require players on to linking their game to their corresponding Ubisoft accounts. Although it would be automatically connected for those who are playing the game in PC as the only way to get the title is by purchasing it in the Ubisoft digital store.

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Staring and running the game through this way would then eventually give the chance for players to play Knives exactly right away. Although for those who are playing through the PS4, Xbox One and Switch consoles, they must be able to find their way on to the game's main menu and head towards the Ubisoft Connect button located at the bottom part, in which would eventually show another menu stating two options - to log in their Ubisoft accounts, or to create a new one form scratch.

Upon doing those steps that were mentioned above, it will grant the players the option to choose and play Knives. Yet after doing those, it will redirect the players to the Ubisoft Play Store. They should just then select exit and return to the game to have the experience of using and playing Knives in the game.

Fans may get to use her as well as the other characters in the game, and the actual game challenges and adventure tasks itself as the upcoming re-release of the game is on its way. And it could be a more blockbuster return than ever for the game based upon and revolving around Scott Pilgrim.

'Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game's' Re-Release

Geek and entertainment website Comic Book mentioned that pre-orders for the physical release of the game, in which it lists those for the PS4 and Switch consoles, has already reached a total amount of 40,000 physical copy orders. The first three hours upon the announcement and pre-orders was available already secured at around 25,000 copies of the game from fans. It already marked as the game publisher's biggest release to date ever since their establishment way back in 2015. 

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