Fan Visualizes Possible 'Xbox Series Z Portable' Through Rendered 3D Model Creation

A fan of the renowned Xbox series of consoles posted a video of a self-crafted and developed 3D model of what could be an Xbox Series Z in the future or regarded as the 'Xbox Portable.'

Dubbed as the 'center of the Windows universe,' Windows' news and updates official website Windows Central has posted an article which presents what could be a model of the handheld Xbox Portable or the imagined next-gen Xbox Series Z.

The Imagined 'Xbox Series Z Portable

Yet, the model that was shown is confirmed to be a fan-made one. A known artist with a username of @imkashama created it, and the video was posted on TikTok. Most of his videos are showcasing some of his finished works. No doubt that his creations are amazing as his content garnered massive attention online.

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The Xbox designs created by @imkashama have then buzzed and fussed around the corners of TikTok. Yet with the artist's newest creation, which was labeled as what could possibly be the Xbox Series Z Portable, or the Xbox Portable as some fans and users have called it. The video went viral and has appeared on the "For You" pages (TikTok's news feed counterpart of Facebook, or the timeline feature of Twitter), or FYP, and has already garnered a total of 1.3 million likes, 24,100 comments, and 84,600 reposts/stitches/duets.

Another video of @imkashama's Xbox Portable is a follow up to the previous post. Unlike the previous one, the new content has captured fewer engagements, with 31,000 likes, 583 comments, and 802 reposts/stitches/duets. Yet, it is still considered as one of his beautiful creations. If Xbox and Microsoft would eventually consider creating a design just like what this artist did, it might be an awesome idea.

Xbox Portable Might Be 'Far from Reality'

Yet, the Windows branded website seems to block off already the idea of bringing it to reality. The website specified that such aspects of the user's designs, including the "impossible bezels and futuristic-engineering concepts" that were used on crafting and developing those designs. Windows Central pointed out that those elements could not be destined to reality, yet they also claimed that creating the likes of those could be somehow fun to imagine.

With consoles such as the Xbox and the PlayStation consoles that require additional hardware such as a TV and of course, the console itself being a somewhat huge one on being a portable console may not take place anytime soon.

Yet, other fans integrate ideas and create self-made ways to produce such, like the portable 0S4 unit setup that went viral earlier this month. A video was posted on social media site Twitter wherein a user named DX Terraria made a portable PS4 setup set on a silver briefcase, with the main PS4 unit inside and a flip-up lid that serves as its screen. 

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