'Genshin Impact' Update Version 1.3: Leaks Begin to Spread as Version 1.2 Nears End

Genshin Impact Hu Tao
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"Genshin Impact" update 1.2 went live last December 23 and will eventually see its ending just a few more weeks from now. Following this, fans and the gaming community are now beginning to speculate what is in store for the next one - which is the update version 1.3

Screenrant reported some alleged leaks and runmors that are circulating on the internet about expected upcoming major game update. As the first two updates for the game brought along new game contents such as new playable characters, limited-time events, items, mechanics, and many more, all of those are also what are fans have been expecting to be a part of the update version 1.3

Possible 'Genshin Impact' Update Version 1.3 Banner Characters

With the new playable characters on the rise, some upcoming and new characters have been allegedly included in such "Genshin Impact" character rumors. Some of the characters that are expected to arrive as a playable choice in the game lists are the likes of Hu Tao, the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor who has been dubbed to be a possible banner character, and Ayaka, who first appeared in the game's very first closed Beta test last year.

Another character which fans have been anticipating to be a playable character in the game is Xiao - one of the Five Yakshas that was tasked by Morax/Rex Lapis, the God of Contracts, to annihilate the demonic spirits that invaded Liyue. Xiao and Hu Tao are the strongest contenders of who would be the update's banner character as being predicted by fans. Yet as of now, there is still no confirmation by the game developers MiHoYo regarding these rumored theories surfacing the Genshin community.

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Although fan theories such as those mentioned above could see a 50/50 chance whether it would be true or will just remain a theory itself. And as per the update version 1.2, theories such as the debut of five-star rating banner characters such as Albedo and Ganyu eventually became true, so there is a growing hope from the fans that one of their theories could also be somehow on the works to become real as well.  

Other 'Genshin Impact' 1.3 Leaks and Information

Other alleged information about the upcoming update version 1.3 also include its storyline that would be inclined with the Lantern Rite Festival that was already seen as a part of the game's first Beta test. So far, all of these are still yet to be confirmed by the game developers. The only available information that MiHoYo has provided for the fans is that the upcoming update would give an angle regarding Zhongli, in which he could see buffs that he needs to be a more viable character used in combat and battles in the game.

Inverse lists that MiHoYo may still be concerned on promoting the update version 1.2 at the moment, so the update version 1.3 might see some light by early February, with a possible trailer or an official announcement about it. 

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