'PUBG' Creator and CEO Opens Up IPO Possibility Worth Billions

PUBG's Kim Chang-han
Photo : Screenshot from PUBG's Official YouTube Channel

"PUBG", or the "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" has been one of the top and most popular battle-royale games in the world today. Its creator, South Korean Kim Chang-han, who was a former child computer prodigy, could be close enough to set history as he is reported to plan an IPO which is worth billions.

'PUBG' Company's IPO

As reported by news website NDTV, the IPO, or the initial public offering for "PUBG's" mother company and game developer Krafton could see an enormous startup value at an estimated 30 trillion won, or 27.2 billion USD. It was listed on a report last January 5 by the Eugene Investment and Securities Corporation.

With this listing, it is highly possible the South Korea might be raising as much as 10.9 billion USD if this would push through and could be marked as a new record that could beat more than 120 IPOs being opened this year. The report also mentioned that various companies have already set their interest and are expected to perform such initial share sales this 2021, namely KakaoBank Corporation which would be the biggest internet-based lender, as well as LG Chem Ltd.'s battery unit.

IPOs has been a thing in South Korea ever since the country's benchmark stock index has bagged up to 34 percent in the last 12 months that have passed. It could be dubbed as one of the best performances and listings all throughout the world today. For the record, the biggest IPO ever to date was from Samsung Life Insurance Company in 2010, where it reached up to a total of 4.3 billion USD in value. It was then followed by another video game developer company, in the form of South Korea-based Netmarble Corporation last 2017, with a 2.4 billion worth of listing.

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The company which was founded by Kim Chang-han, who also serves as their chief executive officer or CEO, has been established as one of the top video game companies in the world. Currently, they are handling about four different game studios, yet majority of the sales and profits that they made primarily came from "PUBG", which may be described as the CEO's game changer.

PUBG Creator and CEO's Career History

News outlet and source website Bloomberg mentioned that the CEO himself was a former child computer prodigy, wailing the trails of being a national champion way back during his early days in South Korea in the 1980s.  Yet despite being a child wonder, he also had a share of some of his lowest points, including starting his professional career as a game developer.

Ever since early 2000s, he has created three multiplayer online games on three different gaming startups in which all of those did not see much success. It was not until 2014 that he started his own company, along with his friend. Brendan Greene from Ireland to join him and move to South Korea, wherein he was tasked to be company's creative director for games.

Called the Bluehole Inc. back then, released "PUBG" in 2017. It went from being an unknown game all the way to becoming one of the most successful and popular games of all time, where it sold 70 million copies for the PC and console versions, and its mobile downloadable version has been saved by players for over 600 million times

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