PUBG-Related Games 2021 and 2022: Krafton CEO Confirms Details, Features, Release Dates, and More!

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"PUBG", or the "PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds" has established itself as one of the most popular games to date, and two more games heavily inclined from the "PUBG" universe are now confirmed to be released this 2021 and in 2022 as well.

Video game news and updates website IGN Southeast Asia has reported that one of the games which would see release as part of the "PUBG" universe would be named as "The Callisto Protocol." It is a survival horror game which is currently in development under the game's mother company Krafton, and with the supervision of "PUBG" creators PUBG Studio in partnership with US based game studio Striking Distance.

Unnamed PUNG-Related Titles for 2021 and 2022

Yet aside from the already named title to be released soon, Krafton founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kim Chang-Han, through an interview with news media source and outlet website Bloomberg said that there would be two more additional game titles that are set to be released; one this year, while the other one would be for the next year.

One of the PUBG-based games that will come this year was described by the CEO himself as a "new battle royale mobile title" that is inclined within the universe of "PUBG." The 2022 release would also be a PUBG-related game which will be available for both the PC and console video games. Also, that year would be the projected release date of "The Callisto Protocol," as the game developer's first survival horror offering.

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The interview facilitated by Bloomberg also featured the possible initial public offering or IPO for the company, which could set history as the biggest listing ever in the company's home country of South Korea. Krafton's current startup value is being priced at around 30 trillion won, or 27.2 billion USD. If it would see reality and availability in the open market, it could beat South Korea's current record holder for the biggest IPO in history, which mainly belongs to the Samsung Life Insurance Company in 2010 after reaching massive IPO price of 4.3 billion USD in total value.

'PUBG's' Immense Success

Video gaming news and guides website PC Gamer suggests that no matter what the timeline of the company's plan of action may be, it will all be centering around the game of "PUBG." With the game being Krafton's most prized possession and investment, it is best and safe to say that all the succeeding offerings by the game studio and developers under the company may be in line with the most successful game title produced by them.

With "PUBG's" immense success through the years, it has now sold over 70 million copies for the PC and console gaming, while the game has been downloaded in the mobile app stores of players all around the world, with a total of up to 600 million times already. This has made the game one of the most popular games to ever exist, and the company that created it might not just stop anytime soon on creating and developing future PUBG-related titles. 

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