'Destiny 2' Hawkmoon Catalyst: How to Get and What Does It Do?

In the world of "Destiny 2," a robust and reliable weapon like the Hawkmoon Catalyst always come in handy. Introduced a month ago, the gun is still pretty much up for a grab, thanks to a new mission added today. According to GameRant, the new exotic quest has somewhat become a "celebrity" among the community, thanks to its sudden popularity. 

So, how powerful is the Hawkmoon Catalyst? What should one do to get it, and where? Find out all the answers below!

Hawkmoon Catalyst: What Does it Do? How Strong Is It?

Before jumping into the "How" and bothering ourselves with all the hassles, let's find out the "Why."

Hawkmoon Catalyst is a handgun with good handling and impact. It's not surprising that the weapon doesn't come with the best range and reload speed as a handgun. The gun fires 140 rounds per minute and can contain eight magazines. 

However, when upgraded to a Masterwork, you will be able to unlock the Catalyst's full strength. Go for 700, and you'll obtain Hunter's Trace perk, allowing you to have one additional bullet per-magazine and improve the handling, reload speed, and weapon range. 

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How to Get Your Hawkmoon Catalyst

Now, this is where it gets hairy, as many Power-level users experience a problem while doing this quest. If you can, take some friends with you to make sure that you're not getting hit amidst the mission or missing anything. 

Head over to the EDZ and investigate the chimney in the wrecked building next to the spawn. Then, make your way outside, aim for the Taken Hobgobling hanging around, then jump onto his platform. Be on the lookout for a climbable lip and then run along the edge of the structure. After that, you'll have to keep following the path until you meet a big open room with some turbines and Taken enemies.  

In this room, you will meet three mini-boss-like Taken emissaries. Kill them all, but make sure to aim for Taken Goblins and Vandals first as they do more damage. Repeat the steps until you kill all the three, then go back to the turbine room and head over to the Lake of Shadows Boss arena. 

This is the most challenging part as enemies as there will be a rain of enemies. Find a big metal box on the other side of the room, then kill all the Taken Thrall and Wizards before retreating behind it. It's a safe space for you as it's where the enemies will not spawn. Survive until the final wave: two Solar Captains, some Taken Goblines, and two Unstoppable Taken Champions. Whichever your strategy is, you can open the chest and follow your waypoint once everything is dead. Once the boss is finished, you will obtain ten Feathers for your hassle and two random roll Hawkmoons, and the weapon itself. 

"Destiny 2" is a free-to-play online game, available on most major gaming platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Stadia, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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