'Grand Theft Auto 6' Update: NPCs May See More Realistic, Aware Approach Through Newly Filed Patent

Grand Theft Auto Gameplay
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"Grand Theft Auto 6" (GTA) may still not see release anytime soon yet updates and speculations about the game have been circulating all throughout the internet and the gaming community nowadays, including the news that the game might be featuring more realistic, as well as much aware and conscious NPCs.

GameSpot has listed that Take-Two Interactive - the mother company of GTA creators and developers Rockstar Games has been interested in exploring a deeper variety and wider scope of video gameplay systems. It involves those especially for the non-playable characters, or NPCs in the upcoming GTA title to have more sense of awareness for various in-game situations.

Alleged Patent for 'GTA 6' NPCs

The news came from the announcement that a patent has been filed by Take-Two Interactive which was then named as the "System And Method For Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment." It sums up the game studio's intent to provide a more "realistic experience" for the players while interacting with the built-in NPCs that may surround the overall structure of "GTA 6" itself.

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The patent may provide access to the NPCs, particularly the behavior of those which would drive vehicles in the game to be more sensible on exploring and navigating the in-game environment. It would make the artificial intelligence or AI being used on those NPCs to be a lot smarter and gain much versatile consciousness on how to respond on various situations and interactions made by the players through their game character or avatar.

David Hynd,  the associate director of technology for Rockstar Games, formally applied and filed the patent. He went along with Simon Parr, who is the lead AI programmer of the company as well. The patent suggests that it may then give the AIs of the NPCs the ability to "define its own characteristics," in which could be useful for those which would be set especially on the road. The GTA series of games are known to utilize roads and highways developed in the game itself especially in police chases involving cars and other vehicles.

Other Purposes of the Patent

Furthermore, with the application of the method inscribed within the new patent, it would let the NPCs to have such autonomy when it comes on hitting the road. Whenever a road would have an unexpected traffic due to collisions and surprise turnarounds that may happen during chases, the NPCs could grasp the certain sensitivity needed in order to somehow "improvise" or to find another way around while the game would not be interrupted at the same time.

Yet as reported by video games news and guides website Dual Shockers, the patent itself does not mention any specifications regarding that it was created and filed for "GTA 6." Although during the past few months it has been speculated and reported to be currently in development. It may suggest that the newly filed patent could be applied in the game title that is on the works as of today. 

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