AT&T Dubbed Top 5G Network Provider of 2020 by Ookla

Photo : Screenshot from AT&T's Official YouTube Channel

AT&T has been dubbed as the fastest connectivity provider to cater the latest 5G network system and continues to top the list of 5G performance companies today.

Known tech news and guides website Tom's Guide has mentioned that the company, based on the report provided by established network tester Ookla, has been on the number one rank on the list that they have made, which is inclined on bringing the latest performance of connectivity providers for the last three months of 2020.

AT&T Topping the Other 5G Network Companies

AT&T 5G was then named as the best 5G provider for the fourth and last quarter of the past year, where it defeated the likes of 2020's third quarter champion Verizon for the best 5G network provider title. The list has somehow shocked some of the fans and critics, where the third quarter performance for Verizon was 79.25 while AT&T 5G had 65.22, and the fourth and final for 2020 has listed a 75.59 rating for the former, and the latter, has lowered down to 67.07.

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While the list has made AT&T 5G to sit on top, it then placed Verizon on to the bottom of the list. Other 5G network provider companies such as T-Mobile (second place at 70.98), and Sprint - which is being rated despite it now being a part of T-Mobile (third place at 70.33) have both triumphed against Verizon to close down the 2020 competition of the best 5G network companies today.

The reign of AT&T 5G has now been secured for two years already. Chris Sambar, who is the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Technology Operations in AT&T has mentioned that the team behind the company's success has been working tirelessly, but also on a safe manner despite the pandemic that was brought about by the COVID-19. Also, he said that the steps such as those listed have been the key for the company to "continue to improve its network," particularly pertaining to its 5G services.

AT&T's 5G Prowess

Reported by tech website Android Central, the company's Wireless 5G network is being patterned on to the mmWave, in which it provides some of the fastest speeds placed within a certain and specific area yet is still limited for up to 38 cities as of the moment. Along with that, they are also fond of capitalizing with the sub-6Ghz spectrum, especially for their coverage which could reach up to a nationwide capacity. It is being backed by the Dynamic Spectrum Sharing or the DSS which is capable of linking the LTE prowess in the 5G network.

The system mentioned above which was developed by AT&T 5G themselves has been effective to provide support in boosting the desired coverage, as well as the speed performance of their 5G network. Multi tech giant Samsung has also announced that their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series of mobile phones will be utilizing AT&T'S 5G network. All the phones in the coming launch are being reported to be backed by the 2020's 5G king. 

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