'Fortnite' Predator Skin Leaks, Features, Other Details: Hunter's Trophy and Arsenal Cosmetics

Fortnite Predator Skin
Photo : Screenshot from Comrad3s' Official YouTube Channel

"Fortnite's" upcoming Predator skin and cosmetics has allegedly been leaked online, which is a part of the update version 15.21 for the game.

Fortnite Insider reported the leaks that was released by @HYPEX on the user's post in Twitter. The tweet had the description of "The demon who makes trophies of men." Along with it are the pictures of the new skin and cosmetics coming to the game.

The New Predator Fortnite Skin and Cosmetics

Some of the most notable aspects included in the cosmetics would be the Hunter's Trophy, which is dubbed as the 'black bling' being a part of the overall look. It was described as "Grim keepsake from a far-off world." Another part that has been leaked would be the official emote called as the Bio-helmet Online, wherein the description for it says, "They'll never see you coming."

Also, the Wrap which will arrive as another aspect of the Predator skin and cosmetics set will be called as the Hunter's Arsenal, with the description of "What's the matter? CIA got you pushing too many pencils?" It will be labeled as a rare rarity item as well.

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The Picaxe for the skin and cosmetics of the Predator themed set on the other hand is called as the Yautja Wristblades, dubbed with the description of "the most honorable way to take down one's prey." As per another info provided by user @ForTory, the Picaxe would only be available=le to be equipped along with the new Predator skin.

The Predator skin is part of the newest update for the game, which is the update version 15.21. It will arrive tomorrow and would go live in the game. As of the moment of the writing, there is still no yet definite price for the upcoming skin and cosmetics set. Although based on the previous special skins last season 5 may set the price of the skin for 1,500 V-bucks (the in-game currency available in the game). The bundle on the other hand is being priced at around 2,600 V-bucks.

Other 'Fortnite' Collaborations

Yet in terms of the collaboration of the game of "Fortnite" with the world-famous Predator franchise and series of movies, this is not the first time that it was manifested through the in-game content released by the game developers Epic Games. It lists cosmetics defined through the likes of the sprays, as being reported by entertainment and geek news website Comic Book.

Also, the game has been known for collaborating with various fiction media franchises all throughout the world. Some of the skins and cosmetics that were released by the game as a result of those collaborations include the likes of the Marvel themed skins, such as for characters like Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow. Also, skins and cosmetics based on the Star Wars franchise has also been a thing for the game, where it saw characters such as Rei, Kylo ren, and Darth Vader being available as skins and cosmetics. 

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