'Hitman 3' Ending: Did Agent 47 Die? Trilogy Ender Explained and Reviewed [Spoilers Included]

Agent 47
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"Hitman 3" - the latest installment to the established series of stealth video games created and developed by IO Interactive is now available for players to get to experience and play. And it has now gave the finale to the World of Assassination trilogy comprised of 2016's "Hitman" and 2018's "Hitman 2."

Screenrant has reported that the newest addition to the "Hitman" series presented the conclusion to the story developed by the game's latest trilogy. The game's main character, the mysterious and renowned assassin Agent 4, along with his long-time handler Diana went on to take some of the most bizarre and challenging tasks along the road ever since the very first game and especially in the beginning of the trilogy.

The Beginning of 'Hitman 3' from the End of 'Hitman 2"

Yet "Hitman 3" has paved the way for their relationship with each other to reach on farther heights. The game begins just right after the scenes from the last downloadable mission which could be found at the very end of "Hitman 2." It showed the moments wherein Agent 47 and his archrival slash tag team partner Lucas Grey became aware of their newfound identities, as well as the whereabouts of the Partners - or the group of the secretive leaders of Providence who are then considered to be the most influential group of people in the world.

It also illustrated on how Diana has managed to rush on to the room where the Constant, or Arthur Edwards in his real name was being held all along, in which eventually turned on to his escape. The first two mission of "Hitman 3" is being connected on to the last events of the predecessor game. Mission 1, dubbed as "On Top of the World" is being set in the city and country of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. While the second one is called Mission 2 - "Death in the Family," in which both of the first two missions were heavily inclined on giving an end to the final events of "Hitman 2."

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Following the mentioned missions is the part where the story is becoming more interesting yet somehow on a more serious note, as well as a shocking and unexpected twist being involved within the storyline. The highlight perhaps, is the betrayal of Diana to Agent 47. She allowed The Constant's group of bandits to capture him by disabling him beforehand which made the assassin helpless while being held captive by the antagonists.

Agent 47 and Diana's Relationship

Yet the move may seem that it is driven by evil and desire, but it was the only way in which Diana's goal could be accomplished - which is to be The Constant herself. This has been the revelation afterwards Agent 47 and Arthur Edwards' grueling action sequence and combat, wherein The Constant had his last breath, and giving Diana the responsibility of being The Constant.

A year passes on, and Agent 47 was seen in a forest. He then proceeds to a small cabin and picks up a phone where he spoke that he has chosen the path because he knows he can. The response from the phone may hear Diana's voice, saying that "No one is untouchable." This then is followed through with the actual ending, where Agent 47 is seen to smile, and mentioning "It's good to be back" from afar.

Video game and entertainment website Polygon suggested that the ending provided by IO Interactive has been one significant conclusion to the trilogy that was beloved by most players out there from the video gaming community. Agent 47 did not die, and somehow had his peaceful ending. Yet the open-ending factor at some point could also signal or give a hint that another sequel, or yet another trilogy will sooner or later be released. 

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