Liquid Dominates Na'Vi, 2-0 at Blast Premier Global Final; FalleN Leads Winning Team in Debut Match

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo
Photo : Screenshot from theScore esports' Official YouTube Channel

Team Liquid has proven their excellent skills in manning the battlefield after they squashed Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) in a 2-0 sweep at the quarterfinals of the Blast Premier Global Final for the "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" or "CS:GO" eSports with the help of the debuting Gabriel Toldeo known as "FalleN."

Na'Vi is hailed as the number three overall team in the world today, yet their reign was not enough with how Liquid has performed during their match. Daily eSports GG has reported and broken down the impact of the addition of FalleN to the roster of the team which went victorious during the quarterfinal match of the Blast Premier Global Final for the year 2020.

The Debut of FalleN

FalleN has taken over the in-game leader, as well as the primary AWPer (Arctic Warfare Police) roles the team. He was then tasked to carry the Magnum Sniper Rifle, which was meant to be the "high risk high reward" option for a team of "CS:GO" players.

Liquid's own Jacky Yip, known to as "Stewie2k" was the first one to play the role now being held by FalleN, yet now he has stepped back and was moved to the role of being the entry fragger - or the one responsible for leading the group in entering the designated area.

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Stewie2k's part of being the entry fragger has been one of the most vital aspects that has been utilized by the team in order to dismantle the opponent's formation by Liquid obtaining knowledge about it beforehand.

With this, other players from the team such as Keith Markovic or "Naf," and Jonathan Jablonowski or "EliGE" would be able to know where the players from the opposing team would be coming from. Stewie2k's aggressive tactics on being the entry fragger is a very useful and functional way to ensure their almost guaranteed victory when they had executed it properly as a team.

FalleN Leads Liquid to Semis Outing

Gabriel Toledo has been a known AWPer way back his early beginnings in 2016. Happy Gamer says that he first played for another "CS:GO" eSports team in SK Gaming, which was also the very first time that he and Stweie2k shared the same battlefield as teammates.

Although he was not as big as the other players who were considered as superstars and game changers in the past, he was a really great fit for Liquid as they have lacked the services of a real and primary shooter for the AWPer position.

One major factor that was greatly seen in their match is Liquid's utilization of the T-side setup. It went smooth and flawless as being witnessed by fans and spectators of the match, and was the key on securing the victory come by the second game with a score of 16-14.

With Liquid's victory over Na'Vi, the latter has now been eliminated from the contest, despite their overall ranking of being the third best team in the world. The elimination of Na'vi also brought Liquid on to a semifinal spot, matching them with the world's number two "CS:GO" eSports team in the name of Team Vitality from France.

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