'King of Fighters XV' Meitenkun Reveal 'Sleepy Young Fighter's' Details, Features, and More!

King of Fighters XV Meitenkun
Photo : Screenshot from SNK OFFICIAL'S Official YouTube Channel

"King of Fighters XV" has been slated for its official release this 2021, and informations about the game is slowly gearing up on to the video gaming community as well as the fans of the established franchise and series of games, including the arrival of Meitenkun.

Meitenkun could be considered as one of the newest characters who debuted in the world-renowned game franchise, who only made his way to the game just last 2016, with the game prior to the upcoming edition, which is the "King of Fighters XIV."

Meitenkun's Characteristics

Twinfinite describes the character as a sleepy young fighter who could be seen as someone who always has a pillow on his side. He also was then known to have a background of training alongside the new protagonist from XIV and will continue up to XV, Shun'ei, under the guidance and supervision of the legendary Master Tung Fu Rue. His master was the one responsible for coining Meitenkun's fighting style, eventually calling it Hakkyokuminminken, or translated as the Eight Extremities Sleepy Fist.

He is also often seen in a drowsy state and mood. And even whenever he is in combat or battle, he would always bring his pillow with him. Yet despite his characteristics such as those mentioned, he could be labeled as one of the most useful and powerful characters as per the official lore of "King of Fighters."

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His happy go luck, carefree, and sometimes weird attitude and way of dealing with people compensates his presence on the battlefield. According to some lore and backstories, he could even beat and dominate battles against Shun'ei. A trailer featuring the official gameplay of Meitekun was posted in the official YouTube channel of SNK, who are the game creators and developers of the coveted video game series and franchise.

The gameplay trailer, which was posted just six hours ago as of the writing, has already garnered 107,000 views and counting. Majority of the fans that has commented don the official post showed their appreciation and amazement on how the game developers and studio has somehow created a more engaging gameplay video compared to the first video for "King of Fighters XV" which presented Shun'ei with his upcoming gameplay prowess.

Meitenkun Joins Shun'ei and the Gang

The gameplay video for Meitekun also presented some of his combo moves and attacks which players and fans may experience and try on once the game will be released this year. As per SNK themselves, the game was originally scheduled for its official release in 2020. Yet delays that were caused primarily by the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 has great affected the game plan of the company, leading them to postpone the much-awaited release of the game itself.

Event Hubs has also reviewed the first video posted by SNK, where it was confirmed that some characters alongside Shun'ei such as the primed character K, Leona, Mai, Benmaru, and the franchise's overall and original main protagonist Kyo.

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