'Resident Evil Village' Releases Maiden Demo for PS5; Gameplay, Features, and More!

Resident Evil Village Maiden
Photo : Screenshot from Resident Evil's Official YouTube Channel

"Resident Evil Village" will be the latest and upcoming installment to the world-renowned and established franchise of survival horror video games. Today, a new game demo titled 'Maiden' was shown and released for the showcase of the PS5 exclusive video game.

NME has reported that the short demo video for the game was revealed during the showcase of "Resident Evil Village" headed by their head producer Peter Fabiano. It was one of the two demos in which the video game creators and developers Capcom has been planning to unveil on the internet for the vast interest and knowledge fo the public, especially for fans and the video gaming community as well.

'Resident Evil Village' Maiden Demo

It showed Maiden - an in-game experience made for the players to explore the character of an unnamed woman who has been trying to escape and get out from the dungeons set on the castle named Dimitrescu. Yet the challenge of escaping from the castle would be a lot harder, as the players would not be allowed to use any form of items of weapons in order to attack and as well as defend their selves.

Maiden is considered to be a standalone offering for the upcoming video game, yet it is still set on the same world and universe of the main storyline of the game. Also, its pacifist approach, or the way of dealing with the challenge intended by the quest which involves no use of harm, violence, or any form of assault is the major factor that brings the difference within this one.

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As the video games from the franchise itself has been catering an action slash combat treatment with the inner purpose of survival, Maiden could really bring a much more depth and variety for the players all around the world to explore.

Fabiano has added that the original plan for the demo was its purpose on engaging the players to further reach on the possibility of navigating through the actual and main setting made for the game. Yet their desire in making it and pulling it off has grew on a much bigger note, hence the concept of the Maiden was born.

The Other Upcoming Game Demo - 'Kitchen'

He also mentioned that the standalone gaming experience brought by Maiden would not be connected on any aspect to the main story of "Resident Evil Village." It was really intended to provide a more dazzling and visual experience, as well as the narrative in which the demo would be giving out various puzzle solving and story analysis.

The other demo that was made by Capcom would be named as 'Kitchen.' Although it is also confirmed that it will not be launching anytime sooner and would be arriving along with the actual game itself during its release day set by May 7 as reported by Bloody-Disgusting. Also, the game will be available in two versions: the Trauma Pack or the Deluxe Edition, and the other one being the Collector's Edition.

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