Apple's Rumored VR Headset in Development: Speculated Specs, Price, and Everything We Know So Far

Rumored Apple VR Headset
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Apple has been rumored that it is currently developing a VR headset, as well as an AR device for a long time now. Yet there are reports in which it suggests that the company might have been developing models of those highly advanced and futuristic tech in real time and may see their official announcement soon.

News 18 has brought up the reports being inclined with the speculated initiative of the multi tech giant on to bringing those concepts into reality. A report from news media outlet and source Bloomberg stated that Apple has been through the works of developing their own virtual reality or VR device, which could be known as the Apple VR headset.

The Rumored Apple VR Headset - Specs and Capabilities

The report has described the possible headset as something which would be capable of showing and displaying a 3D digital environment intended for encompassing a more realistic video gaming experience, as well as for the purposes of watching through videos and communication functions. Though the headset could sound as something as futuristic and high-tech as it could be, yet it may not be able to cater the entire AR aspect, or the augmented reality; just on a limited note as well.

The rumored target release of Apple for the much-awaited VR headset would be set as early as the year 2022. It is also said that it could compete and go on against some VR headsets already known or available in the market, such as the Oculus VR headset from social media giant Facebook, and gaming giant Sony PlayStation VR, and many more.

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The price intended for the upcoming device has been dubbed to be more expensive compared to the established and released ones form other companies and entities. Some of the available VR headsets would cost at around 300 USD, and may reach up to 900 USD, depending on the brand as well as the variant.

From AR to VR - Apple's Speculated Gameplan

The emergence of the report bringing up the VR headset to the occasion then somehow is not in line or at par with the past claims that the company has its focus towards the concept of pushing through the development of their own AR smart glasses as being reported by Tech Crunch. It was also added that the much later plan of enhancing the prototype of the VR headset could signify that the works for the much earlier to spread AR glasses may already be finished, or did not push through at all.

The headset may be utilizing a fan alongside it, being hid in the codename of N301. Other factors besides the fan being equipped, such as the integration of various powerful and high-end processors is said to be the root cause on why the device has been on a much slower rate of being developed. Its size was rumored to be at a large state, so the company has done through their efforts to somehow make it smaller for the users to be more comfortable and handier on using it.

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