'Warframe' Update 1.95 Patch Notes: Operation: Orphix Venom Limited-Time Event Guide

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"Warframe," the free-to-play action multiplayer online RPG created by Digital Extremes has now launched the game's update 1.95 just yesterday, January 21, which has then brought new in-game content as soon as it went live, including the Operation: Orphix Venom limited-time event.

Multiplayer First has reported that the update would be considered as both update 1.95 and 1.94, wherein it is the 1.95 for players residing in the servers from North America, Latin America, Australia, Africa, and Asia, while it is labeled as update 1.94 for players set in Europe and in Japan. The update, just like any other video game updates from various online games has provided new game content for the players to enjoy, explore, and try on today.

Update 1.95's Operation: Orphix Venom Limted-Time Event

One of the main highlights presented along with the arrival of update 1.95 is the introduction of the new limited-time event called the Operation: Orphix Venom, which is labeled as an all-mech event. As reported by MMO Bomb, the event would allow players to have such access for the mechs in which they can use those for free, as long as they would utilize those in engaging to battles involving the known Sentient forces. It could be down through a solo campaign, or by joining and teaming up with other players to form groups of four.

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The event would be really showcasing all sorts of mech, yet as an all-mech event, the site suggests that players who are not fond of using the specific type of character intended for the event has no other way to obtain the coveted prize available upon finishing and completing all the quests in the event - namely the Lavos Warframe. It is also being hailed as the 45th overall Warframe in the game itself.

The event would be classified on to three levels of difficulty. The first one would be the normal Operation: Orphix Venom event. The next one is the Operation: Orphix Venom - Advanced event, and the last one and the most difficult one is the Operation: Orphix Venom - Endurance event. Players who would choose to play and try on the harder levels would mean that they would have a chance of getting more and higher tiered rewards.

Orphix Venom Enemies and Rewards

The enemies that the payers will face along the event would be the three Sentient enemies comprised of the Ortholyst - the lightweight Sentient utilizing the ground in which deploys long-range cannons, Choralyst- the sonic barrage and thunder-using Sentient attacker, and Summulyst - or the high order Sentient which has the ability to 'bifurcate' its own body, resulting to the creation of a portal that can bring and summon reinforcements while being on battle.

Players may also have the choice to gain additional two rewards upon the completion of the limited-time event. The first one would be the Lavos Orbiter decoration, which could be gained after the task of sending Lavos to a friend or another player as a gift. The other one lists the possibility of gaining a double amount of Affinity as soon as the players will be involved on a much earlier action, mainly upon the first three weeks of the event. It will run starting today at 3:20pm, and up to February 22 at 3:20pm as well.

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