'Ghost Recon Breakpoint' Becomes Free-To-Play This Coming Weekend: PC, PS5, Xbox, and Stadia Offers Up for Grabs!

Nomad from Ghost Recon Breakpoint
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"Ghost Recon Breakpoint," one of the games from the renowned Tom Clancy video games by Ubisoft will become free-to-play this coming weekend where a free trial of the actual game could be secured for a variety of consoles and platforms in this one-time weekend event by the game developers.

List of Consoles

Explica has mentioned that the consoles which would see the availability of the free trial of "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" in the likes of the OC gaming, as well as consoles in the form of PlayStation 4 or PS4, Xbox One, and the newly released versions of the said video game consoles namely the PlayStation 5 or PS5, and the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, respectively. It will also be available to the Google Stadia - the cloud-like subscription-based service by the multi tech giant dedicated for streaming video games.

Getting the Tom Clancy video game title would not require additional costs and fees from the players all around the world would wish to try and test the 2019 online tactical shooter hit created by Ubisoft, specifically the Ubisoft Paris. Yet in order to get this limited trial version of the game, players and fans must be subscribed to their corresponding console subscription services.

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For the PlayStation users, they must be subscribed to the PlayStation Plus, while players wielding the Microsoft platforms would require those who are currently subscribed to the Xbox Live Gold. And of course, the Google Stadia as we all know is already a subscription platform itself, as reported by Android Headlines.

The primary reason for this would be the game being an online one. The trial version can only be accessed by downloading it through the subscription services inclined with the consoles and platforms which are capable of catering the video game itself. Despite the fact that it will be a trial version, all other content for the game of "Ghost Recon Breakpoint" can also be accessed through the promotion of upcoming offering.

'Ghost Recon Breakpoint' Background

"Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint" was first available in the market in October of 2019 through a worldwide release. It is the eleventh installment for the established Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise, which is also a direct sequel to the "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands" that was released in 2017.

The game is being set in an open world environment, in which players may explore and go on with the objectives in a free manner. It is called as the Aurora, which is the fictional island chain being located in the Pacific Ocean. The player would then go on and play the character of the game's main protagonist, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony "Nomad Perryman," who is a US Special Operation Forces service member assigned to the mentioned island.

Nomad is tasked to conduct an investigation regarding a series of disturbances in which it involves the Skell Technology, or the military contractor housed in Aurora. This is where the game would revolve around, which would see the players to be engaged in combat, as well as making decisions which could greatly affect the flow of the game and storyline.

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