Five 'Marvel' Comics Storylines That May Not See Film or Series Adaptation Soon, Ranked

Spider-Man: Reign
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"Marvel" comics has been known to show a variety of storylines which could gauge from a typical hero fighting off the villains eventually saving the day, up to some of the weirdest and out of the blue plots, even which some cannot be explained or justified - it is just, it's from the comics.

Some may be exaggerated to be an almost impossible plot to take place, some are being inclined on a much darker side, and some may go out of its scope when it comes to positivity. CBR has listed some of the "Marvel" comics storylines or plots which may not see a film or a tv show adaptation anytime sooner, and here are five of them, ranked:

5. Magneto's Romance with Rogue

It may seem impossible to happen, but it has. The primary antagonist slash protagonist sometimes slash antagonist once again in the form of Erik Lensherr aka the class 4 mutant Magento from the X-Men universe had his relationship with the much younger Marie D'Ancanto aka the power-absorbing mutant Rogue.

The comics showed that they have dated during the Age of Apocalypse arc. The arc was then depicted in the movies as the "X-Men: Apocalypse," and there was no sign of the relationship taking place. Magneto could even be Rogue's dad, and she is the adopted daughter of Mystique - who also had a romantic history of course, with Magneto.

4. Norman Osboran/Green Goblin's Affair with Gwen Stacy

In the comics, it was revealed that Norman Osborn or the Green Goblin had an affair with Gwen Stacy who was one of the lovers of Spider-Man. The affair happened during one of those moments in which Gwen and Peter Parker had their multiple accounts of breaking up with each other. The affair even became the reason why Gwen became pregnant, carrying Osborn's twin children and somewhat siblings to Harry Osborn. Imagine is this would take place in the movies, it would be confusing and at the same time could gaze up the minds of the viewers as well.

3. The Original Ant-Man Hank Pym's Unrevealed Behavior - An Abusive Husband

The comics saw the other side of Hank Pym - the original Ant-Man both for the comics and also for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It was his abusive stance towards his own wife, Janet van Dyne, who is the original Wasp for both media entities as well. Pym's selfish attitude was primarily the cause of his actions, wherein he would often beat his wife in a senseless and unruly manner.

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2. Peter Parker's Radioactive Seed Causes Cancer on MJ

One of the most notable storylines form the comics is the "Spider-Man: Reign," which is being filled with tragedy. Mary Jane Watson, who became Peter Parker's wife got cancer due to the actual sperm of Parker which contained radio-active elements. It then caused MJ to develop the disease, which also became the cause of her death. This may seem impossible to be adapted in the movies, especially with the upcoming Spider-Man sequel on the works as reported by Cinema Blend.

1.  Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's Much More Intimate Kind of Love

And to cap off the list, is the incestuous relationship between siblings Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch, and his brother, Pietro Maximoff or Quicksilver. The two as every Marvel fan would know has been every close with each other, and in the comics, it became even much closer when they shared an intimate relationship involving romantic feelings with each other. This is an automatic 'x' for the movies, where Wanda is being involved to her romance with Vision. It may be better to have a romantic relationship with a robot/droid, rather than one's own sibling.

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