'Hitman 3' Cloud Version: You Can Now Download the Last Trilogy On Nintendo

Fans are more than eager to get their hands on "Hitman 3" on Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, developer IO Interactive has listened to the demand and rolled out a "cloud version" of the game on the console platform. Here's how to download it. 

As spotted by 9to5Toys, the "Hitman 3" cloud version is now obtainable via Nintendo Game Store for free here, and it's only 44 MB. Like any other Nintendo Switch games, you can enjoy the "Hitman 3" cloud version on TV, tabletop, or handheld modes. 

However, there a couple of downsides when you play with this version. A 'cloud version' means you will need a good and persistent quality internet connection to play the game because you will be disconnected if it's unstable. After the 5 minutes trial ends, you must purchase an Access Pass to play the full game. 

Although the Access Pass may vary for each game, to put things into comparison, the price for "Control" was $39.99/£34.99. It's safe to expect "Hitman 3" Access Pass to be in the same price range or slightly more expensive. 

There are several pricing plans for membership, ranging from the cheapest (30 days for $3,99), the medium (90 days for $7,99), and a year ($19,99). The website also offers a family membership, which costs $34,99. 

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Story, Premise

"Hitman 3" is a stealth and strategy franchise from IO Interactive. The game itself takes you on the journey of Agent 47, a genetically-engineered paid assassin and clone, as he embarks on a dangerous journey to hunt down some of the world's most potent high-profile criminals of "Providence."

This game takes players on scenic and dangerous trips to some of the world's most exotic places, like Dubai, Mendoza, Dartmoor, Berlin, and Chongqing, while the epilogue is set in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. 

"When the dust settles, 47 and the world he inhabits will never be the same again," the synopsis writes, hailing the game as the "dramatic conclusion" of the insane trilogy and an experience of a experience of a realistic and vivid environment of a jetsetting ride. 

"Hitman 3" is a curtain close and a wholesome goodbye from IO Interactive and the World Assassination trilogy, as well as the eighth game of the franchise. The first game, "Hitman," was released in 2016, and its sequel, "Hitman 2," hit the market in 2018. 

Supported Consoles

"Hitman" is available on almost every gaming console, whether it's the current or the next gens: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. Besides, the game also supports PS VR, giving you a unique "Hitman" experience in the world of virtual reality. 

There are plenty of titles in other related Nintendo news announced the last couple of weeks for Nintendo Direct, like "Bouncing Hero," "Chess Royal," "Loot Hero DX," "Cyber Shadow," "Timothy and the Mysterious Forest," and many others coming extremely soon.

Are you excited for "Hitman 3"?

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