'Pokemon GO' Top Three Best Pokemon in the Game Today

Pokemon GO Mewtwo
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"Pokemon GO" has a lot in store for the fans and players of the game all around the world, including in-game contents such as events, quests, cosmetics, items, and of course the Pokemon itself by which is the main thing being involved and played through the game, putting them up against Pokemon of other players.

The battles in "Pokemon GO" are being measured up by lowering the Combat Power or CP by attacking and fighting the Pokemon of opponents which players would face. Pokemon with such high CP are those considered to be the strongest and most powerful Pokemon in the game.

Sportskeeda has listed the best, strongest and most powerful Pokemon in "Pokemon GO," and here are some of them:

1.       Zekrom

Zekrom was introduced in the region of Unova during the debut of the Generation V Pokemon. The Legendary Pokemon is classified as an Electric/Dragon type of Pokemon, possessing various attacks and skills which are offense-based and are massive damage-dealing ones. It also has resistance on a variety of Pokemon types, namely for the Water, Fire, Flying, Steel, Grass, and Electric types of Pokemon.

Although with its high-hitting numbers from its attacks, Zekrom also has such weaknesses wherein it could be countered by specific types of Pokemon, such as the Ice, Fairy, Dragon, and Ground types of Pokemon. Some of the Pokemon's most notable attacks include the likes of Wild Charge and Charge Beam which could be utilized to provide such massive damage to the opposing Pokemon in combat. Its defensive move on the other hand would be the Outrage attack.

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2.       Mewtwo

Probably one of the earliest Pokemon to hit the arena and game for years, Mewtwo has been established as a sure damage-dealer from its Psychic attacks which could also cause effects to the Pokemon in which it battles. It could perform high-hitting attacks such as Psystrike, which could be dubbed as a 'devastating' attack. Mewtwo, who is also a Legendary Pokemon, could reach up to an amount of 4,000 CP.

Mewtwo could even be such an advantageous Pokemon even if it would deal on such neutral matchups. Also, moves like Psychic and Focus Blast also gives an outrageous stance towards battling Pokemon.

3.       Metagross

Metagross could be considered as, if not the best, but one of the best non-Legendary Pokemon in the whole game. It could be top the competition, not just in regular combat or in in-game events (as reported by Mercury News), but on any modes as well. The Steel-type Pokemon's Legacy Move is called the Meteor Mash which have been dubbed as a massive damage-dealing move.

Another factor seen as best from Metagross is its durability. Its bulkiness and outpouring stability could be maximized and utilized by players especially with facing tougher opponents, such as those who have Legendary Pokemon or just the likes of Metagross or any other powerful or strong Pokemon.

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