'Hitman 3' Angry Birdy: How to Complete the Quest Fast by Provoking Carl Ingram

Hitman 3 Angry Birdy Challenge
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"Hitman 3" has already been released last week, January 21 for various video game consoles all round the world. It is dubbed as the final installment for the trilogy established in 2016 from the renowned game franchise, with a new mission list, as well as various game challenges - including the Angry Birdy challenge.

The Nerd Stash has reported that the new challenge introduced in the most recent addition to the "Hitman" series of games is somehow hidden and must be located by the players in order to try it on and eventually complete it. The website also describes the challenge as something that could "blow the players' minds," also signifying that it may blow one of the players' target's minds as well.

How to Complete the Angry Birdy Challenge

The Angry Birdy challenge is one of the parts of the game's map set in the country of Dubai in the Middle East. As reported by Gosunoob, the challenge would require the players to eliminate a character in the game named Carl Ingram - who was originally one of the Partners of Providence, as well as being the titled patriarch of the Ingram family. The challenge is being set in the "On Top of The World" mission from the game itself, which is being considered as "Hitman 3's" very first mission given to the players.

To proceed and finish the challenge, players must head towards the first floor where the server room is located. It could also be seen as the first floor by which it is just right before the player can reach the penthouse. The next step would then assign the player's main character and the game's main protagonist Agent 47 find the Storage room wherein the player must go on with a disguise by getting the uniform of the cleaner inside.

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Upon entering as the disguised cleaner, players must then take on a woman which would be heard talking about a golf ball that is an explosive one being placed in the designated maintenance room, and that she has the key to enter there. Once the players have obtained the key, they must head to the corridor and search for a locked room. Using the key would unlock the room, in which the explosive golf ball is being placed right beside the toolbox.

Heading to the Penthouse and Provoking Carl Ingram

After securing and getting the explosive golf ball, they would be required to take on another disguise in the form of the penthouse guard. They would then be asked to go to the penthouse, place the golf ball into the basket which could be found at the golf terrace. But this won't end with this as the main objective of the challenge could only be achieved by provoking the target himself, Carl Ingram.

Ingram would be inside the penthouse as well, so players must turn on the vacuum cleaner outside his office to get his attention as he would speak a monologue. He would then be mad about the noise and turning it on once again might just make him even angrier. A factor that could add to his angry issues would be rising up the volume of the radio also set inside. This would then lead to Ingram thinking of a way to relax, and would head to the golf terrace to hit the what could be his final shot.

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