'Pokemon GO': A Guide on How to Catch Plusle and Minun

Plusle and Minun
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"Pokemon GO" has been a haven for Pokemon players by which it could be the closest thing on catching actual Pokemon that can be experienced by fans all throughout the world. They could go out and go to the locations of the Pokemon which is being dictated and placed by the app of the game itself, where it is set in a virtual-like world.

Pokemon from almost all the regions from the actual game and anime series are present and available for the players to catch and own. It includes Pokemon from the Hoenn region, where it introduced the dynamic duo comprised of Plusle and Minun - both dubbed as the Cheering Pokemon, with the former producing positive energy, and the other hand, the negative energy.

How to Catch Plusle and Minun

Both Pokemon can be caught in the game of "Pokemon GO," yet it could be difficult to get those as both of those can be rarely seen in the map. With the arrival of the Hoenn Collection Challenge in the game, as reported by DBLTAP, many could expect that the duo of Plusle and Minun might appear more frequently compared to the usual. But still, it could be a no go.

Right before the arrival of the limited-time event and challenge mentioned, both Plusle and Minun could still be found and caught through a wild encounter. As usual, Pokemon all over the game can be found this way, yet the chances of seeing those two could be a very rare one. Although upon having an encounter with either one of those may seem to be easy and players might just catch them quickly.

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Another way of finding Plusle and Minun could be through the field research. Twinfinite has listed that this method may still be compared to the chances being provided by wild encounter, yet it gives a slight edge compared to that one. If a spin in the PokeStop would be done by the player, getting and securing a field research task of catching 11 Pokemon could present a reward of either a Plusle or a Minun to the player completing it.

And the most guaranteed way of getting a Plusle or a Minun could be done in the Mareep Incense Day. Players on January 24 could see the availability of the Incense Day event in which it would feature Mareep. The event would allow players to use incense in order to attract Electric-type Pokemon on specific time slots within the whole day. It would be from 11am to 1pm, and another one from 2pm to 4pm. Yet it may still be a no sure thing, but chances of getting Plusle and Minun could go higher during the mentioned time stamps.

Plusle and Minun's Brief History and Background

Plusle and Minun were first introduced in the "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire" games for the Game Boy Advanced by Nintendo. Both have almost the same form and appearance, except for their visible markings. Plusle is filled with red markings which signify a plus sign for the positive energy it encompasses, while Minun has been colored with blue markings and a minus sign embodying the negative energy it can generate.

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