'Dead Cells' Fatal Falls DLC: New Weapons, Biomes, Other Details

Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC
Photo : Screenshot from Motion Twin's Official YouTube Channel

"Dead Cells" has now released its Fatal Falls DLC, or downloadable content for the Nintendo Switch console. It will introduce new in-game content for the players all around the world to enjoy and explore, such as the new weapons available in the game.

Nintendo Life has mentioned that the DLC was presented through a new animated trailer that was posted by the game developers themselves, Motion Twin, on their official YouTube channel. It showed what could be in store for players when they would try on the new DLC, which lists the two new biomes for the game, and of course, a bunch of new weapons.

'Dead Cells' Fatal Falls Weapons

As per the official description provided by the game studio and developers of "Dead Cells," the Fatal Falls DLC would introduce new weapons that can be used by the players to strengthen up and power their characters to take on the challenges and quests along the way. It includes the likes of the new maniacal sword, which is being described as something that is designed "to bring Brutality players a real counterpart" to the game's known Great Owl and Mushroom Boi.

The new game DLC also lists the weapon classification of scythes, by which is being characterized as one of those that could be considered as "more iconic weapons" to ever exist in the game's universe. It is also being mentioned that scythes can be used by the players in order to attract enemies during his or her adventure and would make them follow the player's character in the game.

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A total of up to seven new weapons would arrive in the game through the Fatal Falls DLC. It lists the Lightning Rods, Ferryman's Lantern, Scarecrow's Sickles, Iron Staff, Snake Fangs, Serenade and Cocoon. The description also implies that those new weapons mentioned could be utilized by the players to help them on their journey on to the different areas of the two new biomes also being introduced in the new DLC as well.

New Game Biomes

The two new biomes on the other hand are being listed as both parallels to the Stilt Village, Clock Tower, and Time Keeper areas of the game. Additionally, the new biomes would serve as alternate paths which could provide a more engaging and enticing mid-game runs. A homicidal pet sword is also being glimpsed through the description, in which could be encountered by the players as they would take on the new paths from the DLC.

New 'psychotic enemies' would also appear by exploring on to the two new biomes, such as the Myopic Crow, the Clumsy Swordsman, the Compulsive Gravedigger, and many more which is being capped off on up to eight enemies in total. The adventure provided by navigating though the two new biomes would eventually end up with the final boss, known as the Scarecrow.

The Fatal Falls DLC for "Dead Cells" would be available and priced at 5 USD in the Switch eShop during the latter part of this month, along with the free game trial as mentioned by Hypertext.

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