Tim Cook Teases Apple Line-Up for 2021: iPhone 13, VR Headset, MagSafe Charger, and Other Speculations

Apple CEO Tim Cook
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Apple's chief executive officer (CEO) Tim Cook has somewhat 'teased' and gave a glimpse of what could be in store for fans and consumers all around the world with their upcoming line-up of Apple products and offerings.

The CEO himself has mentioned that fans may expect 'new things' which would come to their already long list of products especially with the tech side of things. As reported by Tech Radar, Cook made his remark about the possible hints for their 2021 and future line-up during the company's first quarter of 2021 report of their past earnings especially throughout the duration of the past year.

Yet even with his words hyping up the fans on what could they expect and foresee for the future of Apple especially within its products and tech, Cook did not seem to go specifically on what would be included on their line-up, most notably for 2021. Although he added that aside from there would be new things coming, he also thinks that those which would possibly be part of their 2021 and coming slate could eventually "contribute to their company."

The Arrival of iPhone 13 

Some have speculated various possibilities of which Apple products may see arrival and introduction during 2021 even from last year. Of course, there would be the already hyped iPhone 13. Following the release of iPhone 12 last year, talks and rumors about the coveted next in-line and next gen phone of the multi tech giant have been already circulating especially on the internet and on the tech and mobile phone community.

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There are some who expects that the upcoming addition to their long line and established series of iPhone products may somehow retain the MagSafe charger - or their own developed wireless charging capabilities re-introduced after a long time in the iPhone 12. Yet there are some who are wishing that they would eventually return to the wired charger feature because of the difficulties being experienced by iPhone 12 users, with the charging capacity of the phone only reaching up to 15W of wireless charging.

Apple VR Headset Reported to be in The Works

Another big one that has been anticipated for years already would be the rumored debut of the Apple VR headset. The device could be able to cater virtual reality (VR) needs and may perform well especially of visuals through video games, and on high-end and quality videos which could be appreciated more by its possible fans and users. News 18 has listed that the headphone device which was in the talks for years may finally be put into reality and has reported that the VR headset developed by Apple is now currently in development.

Some of their sure releases on the other hand would be the arrival of the pre-ordered AirPods Max which were carried over from last year's pre-ordering stint after it was launched and revealed by the company last December 8. Buyers from all around the globe who secured their own unit of the wearable tech could expect that their AirPods Max may arrive soon especially within the coming days or months. 

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