Apple iPads and Macs 2021 Quarter Sales Report: Demand Rise Early in 2021

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Apple's report of their 2021's first quarter sales has been released by the company yesterday where it somehow signified that they have been selling more of their products, particularly their iPads and Mac devices as both have seen a significant rise especially within the rise of the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19.

Their quarterly earnings report for the first one for 2021 has showed that the company has shipped at about 26.4 million units with their iPad and Mac products alone. Gadgets Now has reported that within the overall year of 2020, Apple was able to ship a total of around 81.4 million units for those mentioned and specified line of Apple products, further solidifying their numbers earned all throughout the majority part of 2020 wherein it was with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple's Ipad and Mac Products' Enormous Sales Rise

The demand for the iPad was almost consistent all throughout the whole duration of 2020, where it began from $6 billion during the first quarter of last year and ended with $6.7 billion for the fourth quarter. Yet the first quarter of 2021 already showed a strong outing of $8.7 billion, surpassing all the earnings from last year.

As for the Mac devices and gadgets, the last quarter of 2020 saw the highest sales record for the past year, listing at about $9.9 billion for the sales of the Mac products alone. Although it lowered during this first quarter of 2021, it is still being listed at $8.7 billion, an enormous amount proving the reign of the Mac gadgets as one of the most in-demand laptops and notebook products in the world.

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New Normal Effect

As people all over the world were forced to stay at home due to the lockdowns being implemented on almost all parts of the globe, majority of the working force shifted to the so-called 'new normal', which introduced the work from home setup on most of the companies and employers who were used on face-to-face transactions and work routines.

Aside form the working force, students were also included on the long list of those who were affected by the lockdown. They also went on their way to adapt with the new normal stuff, being placed on the online class setup. These factors alone really contributed on the unwavering rise of the sales of Apple, where most people purchased and secured their iPad and Mac units to be used for their own online premises.

Yet now with the continuous stable amount of COVID-19 cases in the world especially with the new variant being around the corner, most of the working force and students are still catering the new normal setup. And with the iPad and Mac products being known as solid and well-performing devices which could suffice their online needs, there is no doubt about this immense rise in term of sales of both products. It may still see continuity as the current situation may still be carried through over the following months. But as reported by Tech Radar, new products for the 2021 line-up could still see debuts and introductions all throughout this year. 

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