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Blue from Pokemon
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"Pokemon" video games throughout the years of its existence and establishment in the industry and in the world has been known to give and provide some of the greatest rivalries as being developed from the player's main character or avatar in the game to go against a Pokemon trainer who could be proclaimed as their own rival.

Since the first Pokemon games released in history known as the "Pocket Monsters Red" and the "Pocket Monsters Green" way back in 1996, it already showed and poised rivalries between the player's Pokemon trainer counterpart in the game, and another rival which could possess the skills and strengths to go on against the provided and developed prowess of the player. Some may be real antagonists initiating evil plans and deeds, yet some are just skilled and proven Pokemon trainers with the same intention and goal just like the players; to be the best Trainer in the world of Pokemon.

CBR has listed some of the best rivals the players can interact and go along from the already long line of Pokemon video games. And here are three of them:

1.       Blue

Blue could be considered as the most popular and established rival on all of the Pokemon games. He was the very first and the original rival of the players hailing from "Pokemon Red" and "Pokemon Green" and has also seen numerous game versions of himself. He could be dubbed as the typical strong type of rival of a game protagonist - somewhat a teasing, insulting antagonist-like form of rival who would do everything just to prove that he is stronger and better rather than the player.

Yet he proves to be a worthy opponent as he was the one to beat the Pokemon League champion before the player gets to that level, which makes Blue as the current Pokemon League champion and the one who must be defeated by the player. It would then be the final battle of the Pokemon games featuring Blue. He also could somehow be the video game counterpart of Gary Oak in the anime series, who is Ask Ketchum's main rival. This has made him as one of the best rivals in Pokemon games, and maybe on video games in general.

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2.       Wally

Some may not consider him as a rival due to his friendly and kind approach. Yet Wally could be somehow relatable to the fans and the players from the world as his underdog attitude brings the best in him. He would even ask for the player's help in the "Pokemon Sapphire" and "Pokemon Ruby" series of games to catch his first Pokemon, Raltz.

Wally may not be the strongest rival or would not be even included on some of the most powerful Pokemon trainers who appeared in the game, but his enthusiasm has made him as a friendly rival of some sort for most of the players.

3.       Silver

And last but not the least, Silver, the son of Team Rocket's big boss Giovanni was one of those rivals who made the list by CBR. Him being a really strong-driven and willed Pokemon trainer makes him already as a worthy opponent, yet his anger towards his motivation to prove to his father that he is the best somehow makes him as more antagonistic one.

Yet just like what The Gamer has mentioned, his eventual loss from the player (by accomplishing and defeating Silver in the battle, of course) may cause him to a turn in which he would realize that he must let go of his anger and hatred towards his father and the world. It then would lead to form a friendship with the player, making him someone who was a rival turned on to a friend and comrade. 

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