'Pokemon GO' Zekrom Guide Including Attacks, and Other Game Aspects

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"Pokemon GO" has introduced a wide variety of Pokemon ranging from the most basic ones up to the likes of some Legendary Pokemon. It includes Zekrom - a dual-type generation V Legendary Pokemon.

The game has made players all around the world to explore physically in order to catch Pokemon almost everywhere they would go outside. It could be compared to the real Pokemon catching experience form the anime series as well as the main franchise video games created and developed through the years it was established and making waves in the video game industry.

Yet another similarity aside from the Pokemon catching experience is the appearance and availability of various Legendary Pokemon in "Pokemon GO." Players may be able to locate and find such Legendary Pokemon as it could show up to a player. And one of those is the Dragon/Electric-type Zekrom.

'Pokemon GO' Zekrom Guide

As mentioned by Republic World, Zekrom is one of those Legendary Pokemon which could be found originally during the much later video games in the franchise, mainly in the "Pokemon White" version in which Zekrom became the game's mascot Pokemon. It was released alongside "Pokemon Black" and what could be considered the Legendary Pokemon's partner was the mascot, namely the Dragon/Fire-type Legendary Reshiram. Both were released in 2010.

As for the aesthetic part of Zekrom, the Legendary Pokemon is almost fully covered with black (ironic to the game it mascots, which is white). In the game of "Pokemon GO", catching Zekrom culd be considered as a huge advantage for players as it could be really dangerous especially in Pokemon fights and battles.

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Some of its stats include the Dragon/Electric-type aspect, wherein some of the best attacks and moves Zekrom could deliver include the Dragon-type Dragon Breath, and the Electric-type Wild Charge, Both of those attacks could deal a lot of damage to other Pokemon, and could almost cost them their health points (hp). It has its combat points listed at around 4,565, which is already a very high amount compared to other Pokemon available in the game today.

Other Zekrom Stats, and Further 'Pokemon GO' News

Its attack points are set at 275, the defense points are at 211, and the stamina points are at 205 in "Pokemon GO." Yet unlike any other Pokemon, no matter how strong it is, it still could have some weakness around it. And in Zekrom's case, the Legendary Pokeom is vulnerable to Fairy, Ground, Ice, and Dragon-type Pokemon and moves. However, it could be boosted and powered up by the Windy as well as the Rainy weather types.

Players in the game could also get a hand to the Shiny version of Zekrom in "Pokemon GO." Although it could be as are as ever, getting it could be a big plus for players of the game. Yet as of the moment of the writing, there could still be more Shiny Pokemon versions from the Unova region to be released soon, according to Bleeding Cool

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