'Genshin Impact': Barbara Goes on a Diet in Latest Webcomic Show Entry

"Genshin Impact" has already introduced some of the most interesting and diverse characters in the game, and some of them were featured in the official weekly webcomic shows. It includes Barbara, where she was shown to be prevented from eating the food that was deliciously cooked by another fellow character in the form of Amber.

Siliconera has listed the news about the latest story featured in-game developer miHoYo's latest addition to its webcomic show and series. The latest webcomic entry is titled "Part 8 Barbara's Tiny Craving." You can see the webcomic entry on the official Twitter account of the game itself.

Part 8 Barbara's Tiny Craving

The site also posted the somewhat synopsis or plot of the newest "Genshin Impact" mini webcomic show. Barbara is known as a four-star rated Hydro character in the game that players received for free in the Baptism of Song event to complete and finish the quest called A Long Shot. It was available for players in the Prologue Act III: Song of the Dragon and Freedom. Barbara is also the daughter of Frederica Gunnhildr and Simon Page and the youngest sister of another playable character named Jean - the five-star rated Anemo character in the game as well.

Yet the webcomic show and series showed another side of her. It could be seen that she thinks of herself as an idol, but only just in her mind. With this, she has decided to watch out for her figure and body appearance by which may affect her diet and the food she would eventually intake. Although her idol dreams continue to soar high in her mind, the cooking of Amber is just irresistible at some point.

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Amber is originally a playable character in the game. She is a four-star rated Pyro character that was also received for free by players during the Prologue Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind that was set on the Winds of the Past quest for players. She is also regarded as the last Outrider of the famous Knights of Favonius.

Although her striking personality encompasses her cooking, Amber may be dubbed as one great chef as she really enjoys cooking, as being shown in the webcomic show. Usually, she cooks some of the most delicious food from her own recipes. The latest comic also illustrated how Barbara has prayed to the Anemo Archon when she notices no one sees her.

Barbara's Prayer

Her prayer leads up to the arrival of Stormterror or Dvalin, the dragon in the city Mondstadt that has such massive Anemo powers. She vowed she will only eat healthy food and would resist the cooking of Amber.

The latest entry to the game's webcomic show has arrived with the latest game update on the hottest toll. And as reported by NME, it may just bring more in-depth and interesting in-game content. 

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