Xiaomi Mi 11 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21: Latest Mi is Better Than S21? Do You Agree?

Xiaomi has just released their newest addition to their established Mi series of mobile phones, with their brand-new Mi 11, which has now made its way to the region of Europe. And today, some have dubbed the latest Xiaomi Mi entry in comparison with the also newly launched Samsung Galaxy S21.

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21

XDA-Developers has mentioned that the new Xiaomi Mi 11 could be at par and can be placed alongside the likes of the base unit form of the Samsung Galaxy S21. The price of Mi 11 has been listed around 749 Euros or $903 for the 8 GB and 128 GB variant. This pricing has placed the Mi 11 to be lower in terms of the price tag aspect compared to the base Galaxy S21 phone.

As for the outer appearance and structure, the Mi 11 is packed within a form of sleek glass-and-aluminum shell sized at around 6.8-inches. It is also equipped with a 120Hz AMOLED screen to cater such refresh rate of being a top-notch on that. It has a 3,200 x 1,440 resolution on a (WQHD+) panel, which could be a better choice than what the Samsung Galaxy S21 has to offer for the fans and users worldwide 2,400 x 1,080 panels.

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Both phones could be seen as identical if placed alongside each other, although the difference factor can be seen through each phone's size and the materials used to create and manufacture both back parts of those. Mi 11's back utilized a glass covering, while the Samsung Galaxy S21's back is capped with a plastic base. The S21 could be somehow on edge regarding this aspect even though one hidden but almost given intention for using a plastic back is to cut costs for manufacturing it.

Chipset Performance

In terms of their respective chipsets, the Mi 11 is being powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. Snapdragon chipsets made and developed by Qualcomm have a known reputation of bringing up to date and high-class performances when it comes to programming and powering up mobile phones and devices. It's no surprise that the phone's processor could be one of its main selling points, which fans and users may see as an advantage at some point (GSMArena).

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is utilizing their own Exynos 2100 mobile chipset. Samsung processors have been known already as well-performing chipsets for their mobile phones and devices available in the market. And with the S21 being a flagship one, there is no doubt that the chipset being used to power it could also give and produce such great results for the overall system aspect of the phone itself.

With the comparison of those two phones, the Mi 11 could be considered the one that could reach closer to premium status. The S21 was made firmly to be an entry-level for the Samsung Galaxy line. 

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