Pokemon Cards Through the Years: Upcoming McDonald's Happy Meal Cards and Burger King Gold Cards Comparison

Burger King Gold Pokemon Cards
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Pokemon cards are meant to be played in games and matches, of course. But there are some which could be more of a collectible and memorabilia, and this is where collaborations such as the McDonald's toys which will feature Pokemon cards depicting some of the known starter Pokémon from the video game series as well as the anime series.

McDonald's Pokemon Cards for Happy Meal

This is in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the world-renowned media franchise this year of 2021. And for that, the famous fast-food chain will be taking part in it by introducing a bunch of new toys including new Pokemon cards in their well-established Happy Meal set, wherein customers can purchase a set of meal from them along with their toys that they can bring home and enjoy playing.

With the news of McDonald's Happy Meal offering inclined with being a Pokemon-themed one, it brought excitement to those who are avid fans of Pokemon today, but also those who are already longtime and dedicated followers of the media franchise including those who started their Pokemon interest ever since it was established in 1996.

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Through the years of Pokemon's mark as one of the top fiction franchises all around the world, it already saw multiple engagements and collaborations from other companies and entities to produce Pokemon-themed items and objects. Just like the McDonald's one, another food chain has also made partnerhsips and collaborations with Pokemon to bring some of the most memorable toys and collectibles being dubbed as an official collaboration between the two parties involved.

Burger King and Pokemon's Gold Cards

Burger King, the Miami-founded company that was established way back in 1953, has already developed its firm partnership with the Pokemon franchise. One of their most renowned toy collectibles (thanks to their collaboration) was the Burger King's Gold Cards which were released in 1993 during the time that Pokemon was in its earlier (and going to the peak) days.

The toy collectible from Burger King has featured 23-karat gold-plated Pokemon cards being placed in a plastic case inside a large Poke-Ball replica toy as well. It was a form of promotion to the "Pokemon: The First Movie" which was the media franchise's inaugural full-length animated film to be released during that time as listed by Gamerant.

Of course, the very first Burger King and Pokemon collaboration has been received well by most of the fans. It could be purchased directly form the outlets of the fast-food chain itself, and not as a part of their food meals that were being offered. That was the main difference from some of the McDonald's toys that has bene released, and also to their upcoming collaboration which will see release very soon.

With all of these being placed under the sun, some cannot help to compare how the Burger King Pokemon Gold Cards may be considered as one of the most memorable toy collections for the already 25-year-old media franchise (Games Radar). 

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