'Genshin Impact' 1.4 Update Leaks Reveal 8 New Characters

Genshin Impact 1.4 Update Leaks Reveal 8 New Characters
Genshin Impact 1.4 Update Leaks Reveal 8 New Characters Photo : Screenshot From Dux YouTube

"Genshin Impact" features quite a massive fantasy world. The realm is known as Teyvat and it features seven different named regions all with their very own distinct cultures. As of the moment, players have just experienced two of them namely Mondstandt as well as Liyue. The "Genshin Impact" 1.4 update leaks reveal some good news.

'Genshin Impact' 1.4 update

According to the game's story trailer, the upcoming next nation that is expected to be added to the game will be called Inazuma. As of the moment, however, it is still unknown as to when Inazuma will arrive. However, it's quite unlikely to be included in any of the upcoming updates releasing soon.

The story by InVerse, however, reveals that there are a few leaks from certain files that were found on the game's beta tester server. These leaks have provided them a first look into a number of upcoming characters. These also include some characters who technically don't seem like they are coming from the upcoming region.

'Genshin Impact' Reddit leak

A certain Reddit user known as Drakolla911 had surprisingly shared eight different upcoming images of supposed upcoming characters that were allegedly data-mined coming from "Genshin Impact's" very own beta test server files. All of the eight leaked characters actually look like they are primarily coming from Inazuma and show some elements of esteemed traditional Japanese fashion.

A number of the outfits even featured some small sleeve slits which are quite similar to the kariginu and suikan, two of the popular attires from the historical Heian period. Those that don't really showcase the Japanese fashion motif hails from a much more familiar setting of both Mondstandt as well as Liyue.

Here are the 'Genshin Impact' new characters (rumored):

  • Hu Tao - this is Zhongli's boss over at the funeral parlor. The boss doesn't really get along good with Qiqi. She's said to be a Pyro Polearm user hailing from Liyue.

  • Mimi - the Hydro Catalyst hailing from Inazuma. She is known to have circular vision on her own belt in order to keep up with the motif of the region's style.

  • Yunjin - a known Geo Polearm user coming from Liyue.

  • Yaoyao - she is known as the first playable Dendro character as well as the magic-user coming from Liyue. She reportedly studied under the very same master as Xiangling and even started working under Ganyu.

  • Sayu - a known Anemo Claymore user coming from Inazuma.

  • Rosaria - a known Cyro Polearm user coming from Mondstadt.

  • Kazuha - a known Anemo Sword user coming from Inazuma.

  • Shenli - a known Cyro Claymore user coming from Liyue.

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Some of the characters have reportedly already been mentioned within the official materials coming from miHoyo. Yaoyao, as an example, was already previously featured in certain key art for the game. 

There is also expected to be another character known as Tohama who will allegedly be another Pyro Polearm user.


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