Tesla Robo Taxis to Be Worth $1 Trillion in 2030 -- ARK Invest Estimates

Tesla Robo Taxis
ARK Invest estimates that the future net worth of Tesla in 2030 will reach $1 trillion with the help of Robo Taxis. Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Despite Tesla's drop in share prices ever since the whole move with Bitcoin (and how the price of Bitcoin has dropped), one of its investors has stated that the company will still be worth $1 trillion in 2030! ARK Invest estimates that the Robo Taxi division of the company will be one of the major reasons why Tesla will be able to reach this value.

ARK Invest Comments on Tesla

ARK Invest thinks that Elon Musk's future Robotaxi fleet is capable of generating over $1 trillion. Other forecasts note a whopping $250 billion in earnings that ARK predicts would come from the company's EV platforms by 2030. Fleet owners could reportedly generate around $70 billion annually over the course of the next decade.

According to an article by Teslarati, the enterprise value for total autonomous platform operations could actually scale up to 3.8 trillion in 2025, according to ARK's latest report in Big Ideas 2021. ARK Invest also noted that Tesla could be starting the Robotaxi service next year on 2022. This estimate was reported in the article that was written last Jan. 26.

Robotaxis Could Flip Tesla Valuation 10 Times

The ARK Invest website noted that the Robotaxi venture could flip Tesla valuation up to 10 multiple; however, they still assigned just a 30% probability to this success. Another video by Warren Redlich on YouTube talked about how autonomous driving is inevitable and that it could fully be here in about five years.

Aside from this, the YouTube video also supported the thought that Tesla shares would increase in value, noting that it is Tesla's battery moves that will really propel it to success. The video referenced the previous battery day announcement where Elon Musk announced the company's plans to produce even more batteries.

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Tesla Batteries and Chinese Cars

The production of batteries was then related to the upcoming Tesla fleet of autonomous Robotaxis that would later on compete with the likes of Uber and other ride-hailing services. With autonomy and battery production both being ramped up, it seems like Tesla is now doing more than just investing in Bitcoin.

Another important thing to note is that the Tesla "Model 2," which would be the Chinese manufactured version of the car, is expected to cost as low as just $25,000. This drop in price would make the EV more affordable to more people and could potentially forward the shift into EVs in general. 

While Tesla is ramping up production in China, and the company working on new batteries plus Giga Berlin about to be established, the company is doing quite a lot aside from the recent headlines which notably screams out Bitcoin. As for the $1 trillion valuation in 2030, this still remains to be seen if the company would be able to push through and massively multiply its revenue streams in order to achieve this number.


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