Ford's Blockchan Vs. Tesla's EV: Which Reduces Air Pollution More Efficiently?

Previously, Ford announced that it is transitioning to making all-electric vehicles. Aside from Ford, there are also other car manufacturers that want to become like Tesla, including General Motors. 

Ford's Blockchan Vs. Tesla's EV: Which Reduces Air Pollution More Efficiently?
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Cars are prepared for distribution at a Ford factory on January 13, 2015 in Dagenham, England. Originally opened in 1931, the Ford factory has unveiled a state of the art GBP475 million production line that will start manufacturing the new low-emission, Ford diesel engines from this November this will generate more than 300 new jobs, Ford currently employs around 3000 at the plant in Dagenham.

On the other hand, Ford also uses blockchain technology to improve urban air quality. According to Clean Technica's latest report, advanced solar energy distribution is already using this so-called blockchain technology to ensure the ethical sourcing of the rare-earth mineral used in advanced electric powertrains. 

And now, Ford is also using blockchain technology. Aside from this innovation, the giant automobile manufacturer is also using geofencing and EV/PHEVs to help reduce air pollution in European city centers. 

How Efficient Is Ford's New Blockchain Tech?

If Ford's current program becomes successful, it is expected to improve urban air quality in different places. The innovation is expected to provide a fully transparent and completely unchangeable ledger of transactions. 

Ford's Blockchan Vs. Tesla's EV: Which Reduces Air Pollution More Efficiently?
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Cars are reflected in the grill of a new Ford truck November 2, 2009 in Richmond, California. Ford Motor rerported a nearly $1 billion third quarter profit earning $997 million or 29 cents a share compared to a loss of $161 million, or 7 cents a share one year ago.

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Each blockchain transaction creates what the company calls a "block," which connects other blocks in a long chain of blocks via checksum. After that, the process will device a block of data from the previous block in the chain that serves to verify the integrity of the data in block cement and blocks. 

How Does It Work? Is It Better Than Tesla? 

Ford's current technology works by tracking low-emission and zero-emission cars, such as the Ford Transit PHEV. The giant car manufacturer tracks these vehicles when they enter and leave the low-emissions green zones. These areas are currently important since they are now becoming commonplace across Europe in the wake of diesel engine bans. 

As of the moment, Ford vans offer geofencing technology as standard, allowing fleet managers to keep drivers in their given work and puts the van into a pure EV mode as it enters and leaves the green areas.  

On the other hand, it is hard to compare Ford's new method to provide cleaner air with Tesla since Elon Musk's technology is very different. Tesla solely relies on its electric-vehicles to produce zero-carbon emissions. In Habitat explained that Tesla's EV technology is currently the most efficient one compared to other electric car manufacturers. If you want to know more details, just click here.

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