Tesla Solar Powerwall and Inverter Price Revealed--Setup Boasts Classy Aesthetics!

Tesla Solar Powerwall and Inverter Price Revealed, Setup Boasts Classy Aesthetics
A Tesla Solar user reveals the price of the total setup showing, all while pictures of the inverter and other equipment. Photo : Electrified/YouTube

The Tesla solar roof has recently been the subject of conversation for SpaceX and Tesla enthusiasts, but not a lot of press was released regarding the product that makes users wonder exactly what the whole inverter looks like.

Also, while talking to Tesla provides a rundown of how much everything would cost, it's also good to check out how much other users are paying.

Tesla Solar User Reveals Images

A particular pro-Tesla and SpaceX user on Twitter showed what the Tesla solar powerwall and Tesla inverter actually look like. The Tweet was then liked by the official Tesla account, which could signify that the picture wasn't falsified or showed something that wasn't a Tesla setup but made to look like a Tesla setup. 

While it's hard to pinpoint who the user is due to the vague description as well as no solid pictures available online, the pictures showed a close look at the setup of the new Tesla inverter located on the left side of the picture and the gateway on the right.

Naturally, those who replied would be more curious as to what the total setup would cost. It was noted by FSD Pilot, the Twitter user that revealed the Tesla inverter, that over in New York State, there is a requirement when it comes to the placement of these batteries. 

It was noted that home batteries in New York State need to be at least 3 feet from the windows, doors and even each other. This was the explanation as to why the two boxes seemed to be quite apart from each other. More pictures were then shown with explanations as to the setup of the Tesla powerwall.

When asked how much the whole setup was, the FSD Pilot then gave the following rundown (before tax credits):

Tesla Solar Price

  • It cost $12,300 to get 6.12kW solar panels. These include the inverter, the mounting, installation, as well as the permitting.

  • $17,000 for two different Tesla powerwalls. This includes installation.

There's a local utility co. rebate of $1,588

The total price was a pretty decent $146.40 per month, which was stretched out by the user on a 20-year loan. According to Numbeo, utility costs in New York City average $153.23. However, this utility expense is estimated for a location of an 85 square meters while the Tesla Solar utility of $146.40 per month does not signify for how big the location is.

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Tesla 2021 Plans

Aside from the Solar movement of Tesla, Elon Musk is also reportedly working on a couple of other things. While Giga Berlin is reaching its completion, the company is reportedly planning to make their EVs even more affordable for people around the world with an affordable Tesla "Model 2," which is a Chinese Tesla EV that could cost as low as $25,000, according to an article by CNet.


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